2|entertain have released the artwork and details for the DVD/Bluray release of The Sarah Jane Adventures The Fifth Series – click on the cover below for a bigger version. Alongside the six episodes, the set also includes the special feature, Goodbye Bannerman Road – Remembering Elisabeth Sladen: a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen with contributions from those who worked closely with her, including the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith.

The Sarah Jane Adventures The Fifth Series is released on Feb 6 with an RRP of £15.31 on DVD and £20.42 on Bluray. The same day also sees Series 1 -5 Box Set hit the streets with an RRP of £71.48.

Murray Gold plays I Am The Doctor
Alex Kingston in Upstairs Downstairs
Sherlock, The Hounds of Baskerville pics
Matt Smith in Bert and Dickie
The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe audio commentary


  1. I'm a bit disappointed 2|Entertain has decided not to release SJA in Blu Ray in the United States… 🙁 If only the UK and US were in the same Blu Ray region.

  2. Blu-Ray is region free bro, you can get it from Amazon.co.uk shipped to the states for a moderate fee and enjoy.


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