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Sarah Jane Adventures – Series 3 DVD details

Coming up later this year from 2|entertain is the Complete Third Series of The Sarah Jane Adventures on DVD. Included below is the artwork – click on it for a bigger version. The 2 disc set is released on November 1st in the UK and features “the final scenes recorded by David Tennant during his time as The Doctor” in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. The box set will also feature the stories: Prisoner of the Judoon, The Mad Woman in the Attic, The Eternity Trap, Mona Lisa’s Revenge and The Gift. Read reviews of them HERE.

ETA: The Region 1 version will come out in North America on January 4th, 2011.

Thanks to 2|entertain


  1. I've started wachting SJA for this episode, with Tenth Doctor. Now I really like SJA. And I was crying when I was wachting ending of "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith"

  2. Best cover so far. Still I hope that DT thing is a sticker, the SJA sets seem to place those on the actual DVD box and it's quite annoying.

  3. Surely The Sarah Jane Adventures is good enough to attract people's eyes without a 'David Tennant sticker'. This sticker is an insult to the Sarah Jane Adventures regulars who are there every week and they don't get a sticker!!!


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