The Attic: Celebrating 10 years of The Sarah Jane Adventures

2017 marks TEN years since The Sarah Jane Adventures debuted on our television screens. To mark that 10th Anniversary a special one-off event which reunites cast and crew is being held in Cardiff where the show was produced. Proceeds from the event will also go to Ty Hafan, a hospice for children near to where Sarah Jane Smith’s house on Bannerman Road was filmed in Penarth.

Guests already confirmed, subject to work commitments, include the four young actors who appeared in multiple series of the show and are reuniting for the event; Tommy Knight (Luke Smith), Daniel Anthony (Clyde Langer), Yasmin Page (Maria Jackson) and Anjli Mohindra (Rani Chandra). Elisabeth Sladen will of course not be forgotten with her husband and daughter Brian and Sadie Miller also attending. Other invited guests include Katy Manning, writers Joseph Lidster and Phil Ford, Director Josh Agnew and many more. BlogtorWho spoke to Sandy Knight, organiser and Mum of Tommy, about the event…

Blogtor Who: Ten years of the Sarah Jane Adventures is going to be celebrated with a one-off convention but how did it come about?
Sandy Knight: It was an idle conversation about the fact that it was ten years. Apart from the shock of realising it had been a whole ten years the conversation turned to, “Wouldn’t it be lovely to get everybody back together again?” It started off with that and then it’s just grown a little beyond that and then as people have got to find out about it, it has just gotten bigger than any of us have ever thought of. We’ve just had so many people saying, “Can I help?”, “Can I come along?” People that I hadn’t even thought of, contacting us asking if they could be involved.

Blogtor Who: It must’ve been a great programme to have been a part of?

Sandy Knight: When we were doing the show it was so loved by everybody involved with the making of it. We just loved it all so much at the time. That feeling is obviously still there ten years later and people just want to grab a little bit of that back and remember it. It is worth celebrating because it was an absolutely brilliant time for all of us and for the viewers because they loved it as well.

Blogtor Who: It really is a reunion because you’ve managed to bring together the four members of the regular cast?

Sandy Knight: Obviously that is still subject to any work commitments. Tommy doing [ITV Drama] Victoria, for instance, so they may all have their own little bits to do but yes subject to work commitments they should all be there.

Blogtor Who: Were they all just really keen to meet up again or was there some arm twisting involved?

Sandy Knight: Tommy’s arms have been really twisted, he’s been on no food provided until he said “Yes”. [Laughs] No I’m only kidding. He was really keen. I do background work and happened to be working on the same production as Anjli [Mohindra] so I went up to her and said, “I’m thinking about doing this reunion” and she just went, “I’m there, I’m doing it. Yeah absolutely.” When we contacted Danny he was just as excited and Yasmin, everybody has just been so keen to come back. It’s going to be great to see them all together. I think they’re more excited about meeting up with each other again!

Blogtor Who: Have they not seen each other that much since then?

Sandy Knight: No they’ve all gone to do other things. Tom and Yas did a show called ‘Glue’ together and I think they are the only two who have ended up working together since then. So it’s going to be a fun catch-up for all of them.

Blogtor Who: You also have members of the crew that will be attending too?

Sandy Knight: Of course with all those people, writers, directors things like that, it will be just as exciting to see them again, touch base and remember the great time that we had.

Blogtor Who: So what can people expect on the day?

Sandy Knight: We are going to have stage interviews, where there will be questions and answers. We are encouraging people to put in some questions in advance, especially if people can’t make it on the day. That will help formulate a load of questions to hopefully give everybody a feel for how it was on the show. We’ve got autographs so anyone who wants autographs can meet the people, say “Hi” and have a momento. Similarly, we will have photo sessions so if you want to actually have your picture taken with them you can. We are doing individuals and groups, a variety of different ways of doing that. There will be stalls where you can buy some merchandise and also original costumes used during the production will be on display. We are going to have a few other little extras thrown in, some surprises.

Blogtor Who: But it won’t be just like your standard Doctor Who convention?

Sandy Knight: I’m trying to make this a little bit different from a standard convention so I’ll be putting a few bits in that will be a bit different. This one is aimed a little more at children obviously because it was a children’s show. We will have a large number of families there so there’ll be a few more kiddie-orientated things and enough for the families as well as the adult Who fans. There’ll be something for everyone.

Blogtor Who: The proceeds of the event are also going towards a very worthy cause too?

Sandy Knight: Yes, of course, the whole thing is aiming to raise funds for Ty Hafan which is the hospice that does such great work.

Blogtor Who: The venue, Cardiff University Students’ Union, also lends itself to a relaxed atmosphere and a more intimate event?

Sandy Knight: The idea is that it will be more relaxed, it’s not just in one great big room. We’ve got lots of areas for people to just relax and sit down and chat about what they are doing. We want it more relaxed. It’s still going to be the same things as you would get at a convention but with young children here we don’t want it to be stressful for them. We want it to be fun, we want it to be enjoyable and we want everyone to go away thinking, “Wow, that was a great day, I’m so pleased that I came.”

Guests confirmed, subject to work commitments, include;

  • Tommy Knight (Luke Smith)
  • Daniel Anthony (Clyde Langer)
  • Anjli Mohindra (Rani Chandra)
  • Yasmin Paige (Maria Jackson)
  • Mina Anwar (Gita Chandra)
  • Katy Manning (Jo Jones nee Grant)
  • Joss Agnew (Director)
  • Phil Ford (Writer)
  • Joe Lidster (Writer)
  • Gary Russell (Script Editor)
  • Scott Handcock (Runner)
  • Richard Wisker (George in the episode ‘Lost in Time’)
  • Cheryl Rowlands (A nun in the episode ‘Eye of the Gorgon’)
  • Paul Marc Davies (The Trickster)
  • Brian and Sadie Miller (Elisabeth Sladen’s Husband and Daughter)

The Attic: Celebrating 10 Years of The Sarah Jane Adventures takes place at Cardiff University Students’ Union, Park Place, Cardiff on Saturday 29th July 2017.

Tickets are available now at £30 for an adult and £15 for children. Family and VIP tickets are also available with the option to use a payment plan to spread the cost.
For more details check out and for the latest updates follow @thesjareunion on Twitter.
Also, visit to see the hospice where the proceeds from the event will help fund their continuing work supporting life-limited children and their families.



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