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Sandro Monetti leads a Doctor Who Fan Panel at SDCC 2023

The San Diego Comic-Con 2023 starts this Thursday, 20th July.  This year has a limited Doctor Who presence at the international fan convention.   Sadly neither the 15th, 14th or even the 10th Doctor will be appearing.

However, the San Diego Who Con has sponsored an interactive fan panel, The Future of Doctor Who.  Sandro Monetti, a CNN & BBC contributor and writer of Big Finish‘s Marilyn & Sinatra, leads an interactive fan panel where experts and audience members can learn about is known about the upcoming 60th-anniversary specials starring David Tennant (14th Doctor) and Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) a well as the new 2024 season starring Ncuti Gatwa (15th Doctor).  All can have their opinions and voice heard in the talk-back discussion.

Moderator Sandro is excited to find out what showrunner Russell T. Davis has to offer the second time around.  “It’s the most exciting time ever to be a Doctor Who fans with so much to look forward t,o and our informed and entertaining experts can’t wait to discuss with fellow fans everything from Disney Plus to diversity and The Star Beast to spin-offs.”

Sandro will be joined on stage by superfans Kristi Schoeman, Cody Gootz, River A. Song, Myriam Lp and Karen Glover.  There will also be a special free gift for all attendees.

The panel opens at 10:00 am in Grand 10 & 11 of the Marriott Marquis at the San Diego Comic-Con 2023.



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