Actor Samuel Anderson, who plays new boy Danny Pink, has been chatting to the New York Post about his character and Doctor Who Series 8. Check out the highlights below and read the full interview HERE.
 “Before joining the school, he was a soldier in the British army. But he left, for reasons that will be revealed
throughout the season. He’s an everyday sort of man, which I think is
neat, especially pitched against such a massive hero as the Doctor. He’s
sort of a straight man.”
Will he be joining them in the TARDIS, then? Looks that way. “I would say I become a companion for the companion,” he says.
“There’s a cute dynamic between them,” Anderson says of his character
and Clara. “The Doctor rolls with it. He wants them to be happy.”
Anderson made his debut in the most recent episode, Into The Dalek, check out the Doctor Who Series 8 Guide HERE for more news on the upcoming episode.


  1. I seem to be one of the feel folks who felt not real chemistry between Clara and Danny in their first outing together. I'm not writing it off yet, but they're going to have to work on that, especially if Danny is destined to join the TARDIS crew at some point. Rose and Mickey had zero chemistry in the first episode back in 2005, and Rory was more an annoyance than an asset in The Eleventh Hour, but both developed into great characters and companions, so I'm sure they'll work out the kinks with Danny too, over time.


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