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S8 filming report [SPOILERS]

Included here is a set report from filming on Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 6, The Caretaker, starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor courtesy of reader Nathan Creedy (follow on Twitter HERE). Included here, you’ll images and and a video from filming. During the shoot, the new Doctor appears in a new outfit and brandishes a sonic screwdriver. Click on the pictures for bigger versions and read the report below:
Capaldi told us they were simultaneously finishing up with the previous ep (which was being shot in Bute Park, Cardiff a few days earlier) and starting on this one. There wasn’t too much to be gathered story wise other than The Doctor seemed to be tracking down a pair of aliens in an old/abandoned building.
Jimmy Vee, who has previously portrayed various aliens in Doctor Who (Bannakaffallatta in Voyage of the Damned, Moxx of Balhoon in The End of the World), was also on set as a diminutive alien seemingly being tracked by Capadli’s Doctor. Vee was wearing what appeared to be a Mass Effect-like costume with large pointed shoulder pads that came up past his head.
The other alien creature on set was harder to see but it had grotesque features and glowing blue eyes. Typical Doctor Who “baddie” material.
Capaldi was wearing a new, previously unseen, costume comprising of a brown jacket which can best be described as reminiscent of a lab coat, likely stolen by The Doctor, with pens in the breast pocket. This was also our first appearance to date of Capaldi wielding the infamous sonic screwdriver which, interestingly, seemed to be similar to the one Matt Smith used but apparently slimmer and with a smaller ‘claw’ at the top, although still retaining its green glow.
As for the shoot itself, we see The Doctor examining the exterior of a run-down building that had been graffitied with the word “UFO” scrawled across it, armed with his trusty screwdriver and a worried look across his face before bursting open the gates and entering inside in pursuit of the likely alien threats lying within.
The building had posters on the wall advertising various parties and clubs with one interestingly bearing the name “Coal Hill Records” (Coal Hill School, of course, was used in An Unearthly Child and The Day of the Doctor). The only actors on set were Capaldi, Vee, and the as yet unidentified mystery alien.

Thanks to Nathan Creedy, follow on Twitter HERE


  1. Cue the "fear and loathing" over the return of the sonic. Come on, this is Doctor Who – you can't expect them to break every status quo. Obviously the context isn't known but I like the fact Twelve seems to be aware that his standard gear isn't necessarily always suitable for the mission at hand (unlike Mr. Ninth "I changed by jumper" Doctor!) . Was Jimmy Vee involved in any of the Matt Smith episodes? If not, it's nice to have him back.

  2. I'll be back in a sec, just looking up "irrirable"…

    Also, I don't want to be a journalist. I'm quite happy with being a published author, thanks. (Second book out in January fact fans!)


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