Earlier this week the official site announced that Dame Diana Rigg will star in the new series alongside her daughter, Rachael Stirling, in an episode written by Mark Gatiss. In this episode they have been joined by actor Brendan Patricks (Downton Abbey) whilst some familiar faces have been spotted on set. These will be revealed below the picture of Matt Smith filming on the episode from website CozyCot.comvisit a gallery of pictures HERE.


Also pictured filming was actress Catrin Stewart, known for her role as Jenny in A Good Man Goes To War, as the picture left shows. Will her on screen partner Madame Vastra, played by Neve McIntosh, also be appearing? Time will tell… *

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  1. Gah. Was quite looking forward to this one – I like the dressing-up historicals – but I was hoping we'd see the last of the one-joke old-costume comedy characters with the advent of a new companion. I mean,really, does anyone want to see Vastra and this Jenny again? Will anyone but the hardcore even remember them? Russell T Davies had the knack of creating believable (that's the key) supporting characters it was always a pleasure to see back – Mickey, Jackie, Captain Jack, Boe, Wilf etc – but a lesbian Silurian and her human lover? Ha ha, yes, very funny for one episode I'm sure… I'd really rather not see them again.

  2. Paul: Not agreeing nor disagreeing with your comment in particular (alright, disagreeing – I think they're great! :p) but evidence suggests you're probably posting that comment on the wrong blog —

    So, yes, people want to see them again! And even if they didn't, and there was no specific desire in the fanbase whatsoever to see them again, that doesn't mean there aren't still stories to be told with them. If they've brought 'em back, maybe that in itself proves the writers have seen potential you haven't? Not to mention, the characters don't just exist for the benefit of people who remember them. It's not like the only value a returning character can add to a story is the astonishing power of… MEMORY! If the story's good then it doesn't matter whether it's their first appearance or their twenty-fourth.

    I don't know! We barely know them yet – but that's kind of my point. I say give them a chance.

  3. You do realize it was Moffat who created Captain Jack? Just saying, not bashing your point or anything. I believe Jenny and Vastra can become as important side characters as any of those you listed before. The best part of Doctor Who is the change and the creativeness.

  4. Actually Alyssa, RTD created Jack then gave him to Moffat to write for. Moffat was the first person to write for the character but he did not create him. I agree with Paul, good for one episode but I wold rather not see them again.

  5. Rob W, I worry about the show pandering to what "the fanbase" wants; we all remember the dead end that sort of thing led to in the 1980s. I've idly mentioned to a couple of people who watch the show as regular viewers, not dedicated fans – they like the show, they'll watch it when it's back – but they couldn't really remember Jenny and Vastra and I'm not really sure much of the 'wdier' audience can either. It just smacks a little bit of Moffat indulging himself a little bit which I suppose he's entitled to do as showrunner but it's the sort of thing that can lead down a slippery path… I'm just a bit disappointed that the advent of a new companion won't sweep away all the baggage of the last couple of series.


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