Former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has given further details of his brand-new ‘Rose‘ prequel and sequel, due to be released later today to coincide with tonight’s global 15th anniversary re-watch!

Last Friday 21st March saw the Doctor Who fandom band together to combat the social distancing blues by taking part in a mass re-watch of 2013’s 50th anniversary special, ‘The Day of the Doctor‘. The idea originated from a suggestion made by Doctor Who Magazine‘s Emily Cook, and quickly gained the support of many familiar faces from across the Doctor Who universe. These included the episode’s very own writer, former showrunner Steven Moffat, who joined Twitter for just one day to tweet along with the episode. With the help of Dan Starkey and Neve McIntosh, best known for playing Strax and Madame Vastra respectively, Moffat created a brand-new introductory scene for the episode:

Not to be outdone, the success of last week’s fandom-wide ‘The Day of the Doctor‘ watch-along spurred former showrunner Russell T Davies to endorse a mass re-watch of his inaugural episode of the revived series, ‘Rose‘.

Tonight, on the 15th anniversary of the episode’s first broadcast on 26th March 2005Doctor Who fans will once again band together to watch another well-loved episode. Starting at 7pm GMT tonight, fans will be watching and tweeting along with the episode using the hashtag ‘#TripOfALifetime‘.

Davies has also announced that, to tie-in with this commemorative re-watch, he will be releasing several pieces of never-seen-before material throughout today, including:

  • At 2pm, ‘Rose: The Prequel‘ will be released via the BBC website;
  • At 2:30pm, ‘Rose: The Prequel‘ will be available on Russell T Davies‘ Instagram in ‘a different and beautiful format’;
  • At 3pmDavies has promised a ‘nice little extra’!

Later, following the re-watch of ‘Rose’, 7:45pm will see the release of ‘Rose: The Sequel‘, which will also be available in an alternative format on Davies‘ Instagram at 8:30pm tonight.

If all that wasn’t enough, Russell has followed in Steven Moffat’s footsteps and joined Twitter to join in and tweet along with the episode @russelldavies63!

Whilst it’s not yet clear exactly what form the ‘Rose‘ prequel, sequel, or the other new material will take, it’s nevertheless an exciting prospect to see what Russell T Davies has to add to this iconic episode fifteen years after its original broadcast!

Join us in re-watching ‘Rose‘ starting 7pm GMT tonight (Thursday 26th March) – don’t forget to tweet along using #TripOfALifetime!


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