Dark Season. Cover by Sean Longmore. (c) Big Finish Productions Russell T Davies RTD Doctor Who Kate Winslet Jacqueline Pearse

Dark Season. Cover by Sean Longmore. Montage cover, images treated to look almost like detailed pastel chalks. Marcie (teenager, dark curly hair, frumpy cardigan) grumpily folds her arms. Around her Tom (teenager, bleach blond quiff, blue t-shirt) smoulders, Reet (a young redheaded Kate Winslet in baggy jacket and blue jeans) has her hands in her pockets looking unimpressed, Miss Pendragon sits, strapped into a metal futuristic chair, looking regal, and Mr. Eldritch in black suit and tie, large black trenchcoat, sunglasses, and bleach blond hair slicked back) looks faintly amused. Behind them all are the school buildings while the dark sky is filled with blue lightning.(c) Big Finish Productions

Victoria Lambert (c) Big Finish