Reactions to the news that Russell T Davies is returning to Doctor Who flooded social media today. Here are some of Blogtor Who’s favourites

Almost eighteen years to the day since the BBC announced that Russell T Davies would be at the helm of a Doctor Who revival, history has repeated itself. As already reported by Blogtor Who, the BBC have revealed that Russell T Davies will succeed Chris Chibnall as showrunner, taking charge for the 60th Anniversary and Series 14. Shockwaves of (mostly) happy shrieks reverberated across the internet from fans and industry pros alike. Here’s some of the best.


It began with Davies himself teasing the news on Instagram, with a drawing of himself (in his usual Insta pose of only the top of his head showing) on Gallifrey alongside the classic quote… “What? What?? WHAAAT?!!?”

Russell T Davies' Instagram post teasing the news of his return. Art by Ben Willsher Doctor Who
Russell T Davies’ Instagram post teasing the news of his return. Art by Ben Willsher


Some simply couldn’t believe it, convinced their calendar was somehow five months out of date…


Others were just in shock…


Former Doctor Who cast and crew members had obviously been in the dark along with everyone else, but were delighted with the news

On Instagram, Anjli Mohindra, who played Rani on Davies’ The Sarah Jane Adventures called it “the best news ever,” with David Morrissey (the Next Doctor) called it “great news.” Neill Gorton, whose Millennium FX designed many of Doctor Who’s monsters from 2005 to 2020 declared I think I’m going to cry with joy!!!!!!! please don’t let this be a joke!!!”

Georgia Tennant, Jenny in The Doctor’s Daughter and better half of a certain David welcomed Davies home…


Matt Lucas, who played Nardole, is “buzzing” after the news.

Rachel Talalay, who directed some of Peter Capaldi’s finest episodes was celebrating too. (Blogtor Who certainly hopes she returns for some of the new Davies era)

Incidentally, Edward Russell, who had been the Doctor Who Brand Manager from 2006 to 2017, declared the new reign the “RTD2” era.

But one man who knows the changeable affections of fandom only too well decided to get in early before the rush on Instagram:


The Big Finish team jokingly took credit for discovering RTD thanks to their adaptation of his vintage spec script, Mind of the Hodiac


But almost everyone was united in just sheer joy, including Time Lord Victorious’ James Goss



For some fans, of course, the realization that it’s been over a decade since Davies originally left meant they suddenly felt old. Oh so old.


Other fans didn’t look back in nostalgia but forward to a new RTD era where the beloved writer has two decades more experience of shows like It’s A Sin and A Very English Scandal behind him.

One of the aspects of the news overlooked by many in all the excitement of Davies’ return is that Doctor Who will now be a co-production between BBC Studios and Bad Wolf, the production company of former Doctor Who executive producer Julie Gardner. They described it as a privilege to be involved, and said “where Russell goes, we are proud to follow.”



  1. I never hope for failure, but I can’t help but feel this is a step backwards. Whenever there is a new Doctor or showrunner, it’s a chance to see what some new blood can bring to the series. Part of why Doctor Who has lasted so long is because it’s continuously reinventing itself! So in this instance, for the new showrunner, we get… an old showrunner?

    Also, I see very few people pointing out two little facts. It was under RTD’s reign that Eccleston got such awful treatment that he only lasted one year in the role. It was also under RTD’s reign that John Barrowman’s bad behavior occured. Agree with it or not, the BBC is more than happy to cancel Barrowman years after the fact because he’s suddenly inconvenient in the public eye. But also more than happy to bring back the guy who, in the moment the questionable behavior occured, gave Barrowman a slap on the wrist and let him keep working. Seems hypocritical.

    • I think what people are most focused on is this man brought us the David Tennant era and that was pure gold and after everything the show went through negatively they just hope it’ll return to it’s former glory with him.

  2. Hello. Please could anyone answer a question? Perhaps Susan? I’m very excited about RTD returning but one aspect which hasn’t been entirely explained is the involvement of Bad Wolf Productions, who’ll be “co-making” the show with BBC Studios. Given that BBC Studios is basically an administrative and commercial organisation, rather than one that makes programmes (that’s right, isn’t it?), doesn’t this mean that Doctor Who will now be made by Bad Wolf Productions and sold back to the BBC? That is, it’s become an independent, privatised production? That’s a huge deal, if it’s true…

    • Most productions are made with several productions companies involved. Not just one. I do not have the contractual arrangement between the companies but it much more likely a joint production like when CBC were involved. Or along the lines when a VFX production house is involved in creating a series. I sincerely doubt that Bad Wolf will be producing it and selling it back to BBC Studios but we will find out soon.


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