Russell T Davies returns to the Whoniverse alongside James Goss in ‘Now We Are Six Hundred’, which hits shelves today.
Now We Are Six Hundred by James Goss with Illustrations by Russell T Davies

Now We Are Six Hundred: A Collection of Time Lord Verse’ is a book of Doctor Who themed poetry penned by James Goss. Former showrunner Russell T Davies has employed his skill as an illustrator to pepper the poems with pictures. The book goes on sale today (Thursday).

Peruse the Foyles

To mark the occasion, Goss and Davies were at the Foyles bookshop in London last night to sign copies. There was also a reading by Goss and the pair answered audience questions. The whole thing was livestreamed on Facebook, which you can see below. But BlogtorWho also sent me along to report back from the ground.


Moderated by our old pal Christel Dee, Russell and James took to the stage. Davies took us through his history as an illustrator and his process in drawing for the poems. Goss also took to his feet and gave us a reading of a few poems in ‘Now We Are Six Hundred’. His opening piece – entitled ‘Ode to a Krynoid’ – proved that James Goss has a promising career as a conductor to fall back on. Soon he had 300 people humming bars of the Doctor Who theme song on command in between lines of poetry.

James Goss reads 'Ode to a Krynoid'
James Goss reads ‘Ode to a Krynoid’. Photo: Mat Greenfield

We also found out that Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister (in case you didn’t know who she is) wasn’t as dead as previously advertised. A subtle, but reportedly coincidental, hint at the Thirteenth Doctor exists somewhere in the pages of ‘Now We Are Six Hundred’. Goss accidentally forgot to include Wilfred in his list of companions, much to Russell’s chagrin. Even the War Doctor joins in and we get to see his softer side befriending a dormouse.


During audience questions, Davies revealed that he wished he’d resurrected the Krotons. Goss was quizzed on his knowledge of romantic poetry and how well it would fit Doctor Who. Russell talked about the hectic night-shoots working on the 1999 TV series ‘Queer as Folk‘. The pair also said they’d like Jake Dudman to narrate the audiobook version of ‘Now We Are Six Hundred’ if it ever materialises. Christel plugged Russell’s upcoming appearance on the Fan Show and James revealed the things that rhyme with “raxacoricofallapatorius”.

James Goss and Russell T Davies
James Goss and Russell T Davies. Photo: Mat Greenfield

Costume Party

Cooper Berryman (Tiny Timelord) as Captain Jack
Cooper Berryman (Tiny Timelord) as Captain Jack

It was a Doctor Who crowd so of course there was a little bit o’cosplay. Nothing too crazy, a couple of folk in Tennant coats and waving sonic screwdrivers. But the star had to be seven-year old Cooper Berryman (aka ‘Tiny TimeLord’ on YouTube) for his awesome mini Captain Jack. Complete with plastic banana-gun!

Cooper and his dad were obliging enough to give me a photo. But mini Jack soon caught the attention of Russell and James, who invited him up on stage for a twirl. Cooper asked Russell if he would consider writing books about a young Jack Harkness. Davies said he would pass on the suggestion and that he should probably steer clear of Torchwood until he was a bit older.

James Goss, Russell T Davies and Cooper Berryman
James Goss, Russell T Davies and Cooper Berryman. Photo: Mat Greenfield

Book Signing

After the talk, a less-than-orderly queue formed and the audience had their copies of ‘Now We Are Six Hundred’ signed. Chocolates moved up the queue to tide over the people at the back (myself included). I later found out that these were originally a gift to James Goss to celebrate publication and he kindly donated them.

Before too long I reached the front of the queue and had a brief chat with Russell as he signed my book. Cheeky sod that I am, I also asked him to record a stinger for our podcast – The Blogtor Who Cast – coming very soon.

‘Now We Are Six Hundred’ is available to buy now from all good bookshops. We’ll be bringing you a review as soon as possible.

Special thanks to Jake and all the other folk at Foyles for helping me sort out my ticket.


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