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Rose audio commentary

Included for your listening pleasure is the Blogtor Who audio commentary for the Doctor Who episode, Rose. Recorded by Blogtor and Alexander J McKinnon, the commentary can be enjoyed whilst watching the story – though, that’s not essential. Also included on the podcast are some of your comments left here and on Twitter.
You can download the audio commentary directly HERE, subscribe on iTunes HERE or use the player below. The next commentary, The End of the World, has been recorded and will be released next Saturday, Oct 15. We are now taking your opinions, questions and thoughts for the third story, The Unquiet Dead – leave them in the comments section below or on Twitter HERE.

ETA: Rose is currently being screened by UK digital channel, Watch – Sundays at 12pm. The whole series is available on Sky Plus Anytime.

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  1. Great job with the Rose commentary. I think we all find it hard to believe that was six and a half years ago.

    The Unquiet Dead is one of my highlights of the 2005 series. Some quite ghoulish goings on for a tea time audience. Great script from Mark Gatiss, while Simon Callow is brilliant as Dickens.

    I rather like how the Ninth Doctor, in his jeans, leather jacket and crew cut stands out in the Victorian era, while previous Doctors, wearing frock coats and cravats, would have blended in more easily.

  2. The Unquiet dead was a truly melancholy, and victoriana adventure. It features echoes of the Eighth Doctor's only appearance in '96, as well as his continuing audio shenanigans.

    Charles Dickens is a wonderful piece of characterization and, indeed casting, as he portrays a man running out of time believably.

    All in all, this is a great story, with undertones of a dark Victorian satire.

  3. The Unquiet Dead is my favourite of the three so far. It's so wonderfully dark and has some brilliant scenes between Rose and the Doctor. Watching back has really made me rethink my opinion of this series, and especially the transition between CE and DT. 

    In my mind, before watching back, the tortured-Doctor was very much something that grew in DTs version, and CE's era was just a fun romp through time and space. How wrong I was. Definite new appreciation for CE. 

  4. Hi, so far Mark Gatiss has written four episodes of the Nu-Who. Out of the four, (The Unquiet Dead, The Idiot's Lantern, Victory of the Daleks and Night Terrors) which one do you think is his best work? (To Cam if Sandy hasn't seen all of the four…)

  5. Being a music nerd I just have to mention a cool thing; when Rose enters the TARDIS for the first time (well she stumbles out, but when she runs back in), the theme from Doomsday is playing.
    All together now: Wooooaaa!!!

    Loving the commentaries, btw!

  6. Im 40something and the Unquiet Dead is the only episode of Doctor Who I watch exclusively during day light hours. Also someone else must be in the house when I watch it. They do not necessarily have to watch it with me. It's just so that I know Im not all alone in the house. Even though it aired ages ago during the Eccleston week it still freaks me out!

  7. The Unquiet Dead is Mark Gatiss' best episode and i think one of the truly scary modern DW. The opening scene where the old woman twists her grandson's neck freaks me out even today and the Gelth were sneakily two-faced. Special props go to Eve Myles who makes a mere servant girl a well rounded character-can see why RTD wanted her back.

    Finally, special mention goes to Callow for a wonderfully played Dickens who does recognize his past misdeeds with his family. It's probably my favorite Christmas DW episode.

  8. I hadn't seen it since it was broadcast until now, much darker than I remember, from the dead mother killing her son to the kidnapping/fondling funeral manger and the whole Gelth situation being caused by the Time War, something I think The Doctor felt best to apologise to Gwyneth for in the end in their last scene.

    Thanks for the podcast guys, your continued silliness is welcome, plus it's a decent enough excuse to re-watch these.

  9. You have to put the first 3 episodes together as some of the most inspiring TV for young viewers. Present day, future, then past. Gives off the perfect mood to jump into your cupboard and explore the galaxy. For all ages.


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