The third episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Robot of Sherwood, has aired, but what did you
think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously,
if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Check out the What Did You Think? for Into The Dalek HERE.
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  1. I absolutely loved it! Literally been waiting for Doctor Who to meet Robin Hood since I fell in love with the show, and it did not disappoint! It was funny, eccentric and had amazing one liners. Overall, a wonderful episode and one of my favourites already (also loved the exploding castle, looked much better than the one in The Time Warrior! XD )

  2. What's up with the robots (1st and 3rd episodes) all trying to get to the promised land? Did the Sheriff of Nottingham remind anyone of Anthony Ainley? Oh and the golden arrow made me think of the 7th Doctor episode Siver Nemesis. Not to mention this episode had elements from the 3rd Doctor Time Warrior episode. My expectations were low for this weekend, enjoyed this one more than I thought I would. It also seems like the 12th Doctor is a very negative and grumpy pessimist.

  3. It was better than I expected, once I got over the accuracy with which the TARDIS landed at Robin Hood's feet, circa 1190AD. A decent foe. Some good one-liners. Clara really looked the part in this. Enjoying the doctor's new persona. Liked the fictitious/legend angle on Robin. Another dangling tease about 'the promised land'. While they may have taken out one beheading early on, because of recent events, one robot's decapitation was, nonetheless, shown in full.

  4. I thought it was great. Fun, silly but ultimately good entertainment. Good for family. Good for casual viewers too. I enjoyed it and a nice lighter episode.

  5. Not the best episode of the series so far. Patchy in places and overall twee. Hopefully the doctors 12th regeneration warms up a bit more during the remaining episodes or we could end up with a fizzer of a series.

  6. Gatiss must go. We're in Panto Land now… He's already dished up Daleks in pinnies, now a camp Robin Hood reminding Dr Who that he's just a fictitious character.

    Can we start a petition please?


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