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Robot of Sherwood cast list

The BBC has released the cast list for the next episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Robot of Sherwood, check it out below. For more clips, pics and news from the story, click HERE.
Robin – Tom Riley
Quayle – Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Sheriff – Ben Miller
Alan-a-Dale – Ian Hallard
Friar Tuck – Trevor Cooper
Little John – Rusty Goffe
Will Scarlett – Joseph Kennedy
Walter – Adam Jones
Quayle’s ward – Sabrina Bartlett
Herald – David Benson
Guard – David Langham
Knight – Tim Baggaley
Voice of the Knights – Richard Elfyn

Fact fans will note that Trevor Cooper starred in Revelation of the Daleks (as Takis) whilst Ian Hallard was seen in An Adventure in Space and Time (as Richard Martin).



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