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Robin Hood themed ep for S8?

Earlier today it was revealed that actor Ian Hallard (pictured left) will be starring in Episode 3 of Doctor Who Series 8, written by Mark Gatiss. Hallard’s Spotlight CV has updated with name of his character for the story and it is Alan-a-dale.

For those unaware, 

Alan-a-dale was a member of Robin Hood’s gang, the “Merry Men”. Who fans will be familiar with Ian Hallard from his role in another Gatiss story, the 50th Anniversary special, An Adventure In Space & Time.

The Gatiss Series 8 adventure also stars Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demons) who is, perhaps, playing Robin Hood. This is, of course, speculation, but it seems that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will coming face to face with the legend of Sherwood Forest.


  1. It's interesting as the Robin Hood legend is fictitious. I'd assume that it would revolve around the origin of the myth, perhaps the Doctor turns out to be him (though that's a bit obvious for 'Who'). Also, if my memory serves me correctly Alan-A-Dale was a rooster the size of a fox. A bit of a stretch for any actor.

  2. So far the new series has dealt with historical characters such as Churchill, Agatha Christie, Nixon, Queen Victoria. It's a bit much to include fictional characters, unless your going down a Mind Robber, Celestial Toymaker type of route.

  3. I don't recall anyone ever setting a rule that says the Doctor cannot meet "fictional" characters, since he is one himself. Indeed, IDW did a crossover with Star Trek, and it's been acknowledged as fictional on TV. It's also been suggested that Robin was based on a real person. Something that folks are missing, by the way, is Robin Hood is a contemporary of Richard the Lionheart, so we could be lining up here for a sequel/sidequel to The Crusade.

  4. Actually, Robin Hood has been set in several different periods. One of the earliest surviving ballads names the king Edward. So, lots of room to play around in if they're going for a "real" Robin Hood. But my first thought reading it turned to the Mind Robber and the Land of Fiction. (Personally I find the evidence toward any of the various historical Robin Hoods to be scanty at best propped up by a lot of wishful thinking.) "Print the legend" — it's worked for 600 years.

    Oh, and of course, Patrick Troughton was TV's first Robin Hood.


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