This video includes SPOILERS if you haven’t seen The Wedding Of River Song

The latest edition of the world’s second greatest television show, Doctor Who Confidential, included a montage of the River Song time~line with EXCLUSIVE narration from Alex Kingston – watch it in the player above.

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  1. you see i kind of figured it out when the build up to the 2nd half of series 6 was happening, i posted a comment on a fab facebook page called Doctor Who and The Tardis by Craig Hurle, because im such as huge fan of David Tennant's Doc i said everyone look at series four the library 2 parter, and work your way back, oh yes wibbly wobbly timey wimey,

  2. Hold on a second. I'm a little bit confused because in The Wedding of River Song we find out that The Doctor says "Look into my eye" and not his name although he says "I just told you my name." So the first rule is that The Doctor lies and that lie was telling River his name… So when did she find out his name in order to gain Ten's trust in the library?

  3. Oh my gawd….water is pouring from my ocular orifices! I had forgotten about the end of the Library episode(s).

    I really think he did tell her his name in the handfasting (wedding) and then telling her to look into his eye. I suppose he could have said it wasn't a real "marriage" since it wasn't his real body but I think he's too honorable for that…

  4. River Song's story is pretty much done by this point. I think the only adventures we haven't seen are offscreen adventures with #10 and the ones that came during the 200 years between The God Complex and Closing Time. I think we'll see some of those during season 7. I don't think they need to add much else to the River storyline. I definitely want to see the scene she described to him in The Library, where he cried at the singing towers, at some point. I think she'll be the one to ask the question "Doctor Who?" and he'll tell her his name then, as he'll have to.

  5. @Arturo I Would love to see Julia Sawalha in any role in Doctor Who, whether it is River Song or someone else.

  6. I've always thought she read the Doctor's name on his cradle being able to read Gallifreyan, just as much as the Dctor reads Melody's name on it.
    Am I the only one who thought of that?

  7. when she told him "I am telling you" when they had their hands on his cradle, from his reaction, am I the only one that got the impression that she is also the mother of his child(ren)?

  8. responding to "Hold on a second. I'm a bit confused":
    Presumably, he'll still have time to tell her his name at a later date. Like maybe on those fields of where-ever where he must never, never say it.

    Or it could be he said it to her back in Let's Kill Hitler, but probably not.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  9. remember in the episode w/ the witches and Shakespeare when the Doctor said "There is power in a name" Imagine the power in his name

  10. I believe that she will know his name on the fields of Trensalor at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer. It seems like whatever comes next in the series, be it specials or a season, will culminate in some sort of confrontation there, where he will be asked his name and he will be forced to answer it. I'm sure we will see River at least once more then. But who knows.

  11. Maybe the Tesselector dies in the library, not Riversong. In the library, she whispers "You told me your name" to him, so that after the wedding episode he can realize she isn't dead.
    Why would Riversong upload a part of her consciousness into the universe's biggest library? Perhaps to find out the Doctor's name.
    Why do we think The Doctor knows his own name? Perhaps the Time Vortex took it from him.
    I say Riversong is not dead. I say we haven't even seen the last third of Riversong's life yet. The first third is from birth to assassination, the second from there to the library. We've only reached the first milestone. The next season/s are taking us to the second. I am excited about what lies far beyond Trensalor.
    This is al far from over.


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