This week’s episode from Twisted Showcase is all about time.

And it is only fitting that it stars Sarah Louise Madison, who played a Weeping Angel in Doctor Who. Madison’s character, Kelly, is one half of a young couple; in love and ready to get married. Little does she know that her intended has aged into an old man overnight.

Robert (Stephen Aintree) make up the other half of this duo. He knocks at Kelly’s door confused and disorientated. He has no idea why he is so much older, where has the time gone or if he should stay with his love. The two try to figure out whether they can have a life together. But something is awry as a continuous buzzing sound disorients the viewer.  It is only at the conclusion of the episode that the source of the noise becomes apparent

‘When Time Catches Up’ was written by Robin Bell and Rhys Jones, the writer-creators of Twisted Showcase. It’s a situation where everything is off-balance. The low camera angles and disorienting lighting clues the audience in that there’s something wrong. Just when the audience begins to figure out what it is, a sharp twist takes us down a psychological nightmare.

Sarah Louise Madison’s portrayed a strangely detached and unemotional young woman. She barely seems to react to her aged boyfriend, which is shared with the audience since we don’t get to see their relationship before Robert is aged up. Meanwhile Stephen Aintree captured the grief of lost youth and the confusion of age wonderfully. Though we don’t have much of a yardstick by which to measure their previous relationship, their odd behaviours hint at a lack of realism in the situation. This comes to a head in a well executed twist that gives Madison the chance to give a really unnerving performance.

‘When Time Catches Up’ is another is another quirky short from Twisted Showcase. Though some sound balancing issues marred the first half, the eerie performance by the cast gives it a spooky edge that fits the tone.

Twisted Showcase run a series of horror and sci-fi short films, including ‘Be My Head’ starring Gareth David-Lloyd. For more, check out their website


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