Twisted Showcase returns with its latest tale, this time from BAFTA-winning writer, Debbie Moon

Twisted Showcase is an anthology series of short films focusing on supernatural, sci-fi and horror stories. It was recognised as one of the Guardian’s top 25 recommended web series in 2012.  The first episode of series 4, featured Gareth David-Lloyd in his directorial debut in a story he starred and co-wrote – Be My Mind.  For episode 2, creator Robin Bell has managed another coup and added Debbie Moon, the BAFTA-winning lead writer for CBBC, Wolf Blood, to the list of talent in this series.  Moon has written a short tale, Muscle Memory, that will have you jumping out of your seat.  

The episode stars Rachael Teate (Another Wolfblood alumni – one of the Three Ks from the series) and Joe Elis as her physical therapist. 

Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory starts off slowly. Sandy (Rachel Teate) is suffering from memory loss as a result of a horrific car crash.  As part of her recovery, she has been prescribed a physical therapist (Jo Elis) who works on her muscles to ease her tension and help her returned to her old self.  What Sandy doesn’t know is that her therapist is able to help her recover the memories of the car crash even if she doesn’t want to relive the horror from a day she has forgotten.  

Our sympathies side with Sandy, as Elis’ cold, detached character, emotes barely concealed anger as she relentlessly forces Sandy to remember.  But this is a Twisted Showcase, and we need to remember all is not as it seems.  In the end, the tables turn not just once but twice before it ends with an abrupt conclusion. Certainly, Moon has honed her talents and keeps the audience guessing to the very end.

Muscle Memory will satisfy both fans of Debbie Moon’s writing and the online anthology series.  It is a sharp, well-written horror tale that is both acted and directed well.  The only issue that I must note is that the sound is difficult at times.  The audio balance between the actors did not work, and you may find yourself adjusting the volume as the actors walk around the set so that you don’t miss some of the key dialogue.

Apart from the issues with the sound, “Muscle Memory” is a cleverly written horror tale based on a unique idea.

Certainly something worth time to watch. 


Next Week is a mind-scrambling episode involving a man who looks in his sixties but claims to be a teenager. It stars Doctor Who’s Weeping Angel Sarah Louise Madison.

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