EDITOR’S NOTE: This week’s review is a little bit different and it’s the very first time someone other than Blogtor has written a review for a new televised episode. A Town Called Mercy has been given the critical eye by my eight~year~old nephew and it’s a combination of his written thoughts and a conversation between the pair of us. Enjoy!

Series 7, Episode 3
A Town Called Mercy
Starring Andrew Brooke, Ben Browder and Adrian Scarborough.
Written by Toby Whithouse and directed by Saul Metzstein
Airs: Sept 15 (UK & North America), Sept 22 (Aus),  Sep 27 (NZ)
Review by Angus McEwan (aged 8)

Last week I watched the film Cowboys & Aliens* but Doctor Who was way better than that. The Doctor got to wear his cowboy hat again and he was fighting an alien and a robot dressed as cowboy. [Pedantry Corner: it’s actually a Cyborg – Ed.] It was great seeing The Doctor in old America because he’s never been there before and it looked really like it was from history. [I did point out to Angus that The Doctor had, in fact, been to the Wild Wild West before but he got distracted as soon as I said 1966. – Ed.]

I was happy to see Rory and Amy again because at the end of the Dalek episode, they left The Doctor and I didn’t think they would be back again. Amy and Rory helped The Doctor after all the people in the town wanted to kill him because they thought he was someone else. Then they found another doctor who was an alien. He was hiding from the robot.

The robot wasn’t nice and had a scary voice and face and was like the Arnold Schwarzenegger robot [from The Terminator films – Ed.] – it was cool when he blasted stuff. It looked like they were in Star Wars when they were chasing each other in the desert and then I thought it would have been better if the dinosaurs from last week had been in it too. Dinosaurs on a desert with cowboys would have been funny. The robot would have been stomped!

[I try to return the reviewer’s attention back to the episode at hand and asked Angus what he thought of the music, something I thought that was particularly good in this episode – Ed.]

I love the music! [Angus proceeds to robustly give a rendition of Murray Gold’s I Am The Doctor theme – Ed.] I liked the way it looked too. It really looked like an American cowboy town. When they went in the saloon [Extra points for using the correct terminology! – Ed.] it was like the Back to the Future film when they went into the past with cowboys. [That’s the third one, in case you were unaware – Ed.]

This was a great Doctor Who that had lots of action and showed The Doctor having to do things differently to how he has done things in the past. He was shouty [shouty~wouty? – Ed.] and serious at one point but there were lots of funny jokes from him too when he pretended to fit in. I haven’t seen a Doctor Who like this before and I think that everyone is going to like it as much as me. I hope he goes back again with the dinosaurs next time!


[I pointed out that the “Blogtor Rating” only goes up to ten, to which Angus asked, “Why does it only go up to ten? Doctor Who is way better than 10″. So I guess he stands by his initial rating. – Ed.]


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  1. He sounds like a smart 8 year old. I love how he keeps bringing up the dinosaurs from last week's show, that made me laugh.


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