The incredible writing duo of Lauren Mooney and Stewart Pringle pen yet another Torchwood in the first of the year, Torchwood: Poppet.

Set during a previously unexplored era for Rhys, on-the-run post Children of Earth, this story pits Rhys against a folkelore villain that uses his current state against him. Torchwood: Poppet begins by introducing us to Rhys during a period of instability in his life. He has managed to get a job working at a café whilst separated from his family. After he comes to the aid of Catherine, a woman who says her child has went missing, he becomes embroiled in a sister plot.

As the story progresses, Rhys’ involvement in the life of Catherine and her family deepens, putting himself in danger. As Rhys attempts to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Catherine’s son, he instead continues to find new layers and new mysteries. Throughout the story, Mooney and Pringle create really interesting situations for Rhys which leave him even doubting himself.

The Cast of Torchwood: Poppet. Arbel Jones, Kai Owen, Scott Arthur, Emily Burnett, Sion Tudor Owen

It goes without saying that Torchwood is one of Big Finish’s most consistent ranges and this story is no exception. Mooney and Pringle combined with the acting talents of Kai Owen and the superb ensemble cast is a treat to behold. I will never not be surprised at just how three-dimensional the supporting cast are in a Mooney and Pringle release.

This story contains some very dark and harrowing scenes, with one in particular which left me physically gawping. I adore when Torchwood educates us on myths and legends, with this story covering Samhain, the gaelic end of harvest season which coincides with Halloween. To say that this story has twist and turns is an understatement. I for one cannot wait for the next Mooney and Pringle release.

Torchwood: Poppet. Cover by Sean Longmore (c) Big Finish Productions
Torchwood: Poppet. Cover by Sean Longmore (c) Big Finish Productions

Torchwood: Poppet is now available to own as a collector’s edition single-disc CD (+ download for just £10.99) or as a digital download only (for just £8.99), exclusively here. Big Finish listeners can save money long-term by ordering Poppet as part of a six-release Torchwood – Monthly Range bundle for just £60 (collector’s edition CD + download) or £50 (download only). A 12-release Torchwood bundle is also available for just £110 (collector’s edition CD + download) or £96 (download only).


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