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Twelfth Doctor Year Two #13 From Titan Comics is a Must Buy


EDITORS NOTE: This review may contain spoilers

The Doctor’s latest adventure does not need to slow down to be sure of itself.

When The Doctor visits a city, the usual suspects often crop up: London, New York, Cardiff. However, this time writer Robbie Morrison sends The Doctor to 17th Century Paris, with a viper of a companion at his side as the universe teeters on the brink of darkness. It’s classic Doctor Who with a few fresh spices mixed in, making issue #13 a gripping story from the get-go!

TITAN COMICS - DOCTOR WHO 12th #2.13 - Preview 1
TITAN COMICS – DOCTOR WHO 12th #2.13 – Preview 1

New companion Julie d’Aubigny is a swashbuckling opera singer from 17th century France. She acts in a similar vein to River Song, but without the romantic anchor to keep her on the good side of things. A loose cannon that does not shy away from action, or indeed berating The Doctor, d’Aubigny crosses the ‘reliable companion’ line in more ways than one. If you ask her to have your back, it’s just as likely she may stab you there.


Much like series 1’s ‘The Unquiet Dead’ or series 3’s ‘42’, the strife of this plot is an infectious force that parasitically possesses its victims. The subjugating substance is an energy that overpowers The Doctor at whim. It is seemingly immortal, too vast and powerful to be thwarted by mere trickery or senseless violence, flittering from host to host. This is something artist Mariano Laclaustra and colorist Hernan Cabrera capture marvellously well. With the overwhelming spectacle of the force commanding the panels, they feature on.

TITAN COMICS – DOCTOR WHO 12th #2.13 – Preview 2

The Doctor is always eager to learn from the new species he encounters, but his moral code is put into sound contention from his enemies that control the force: “Why educate when we can eradicate?” After all, this coupled with the repeated imagery of darkness constructs a compelling story, one in which the blood of the universe can quite easily be transfused and changed.


In the face of this fear, the comic does well to question the lessons of past television series of Doctor Who. After all, series 8’s ‘Listen’ famously taught that fear is good. That it makes you feel alive and think quicker. However, as d’Aubigny sensibly points out, so does happiness. The numerous throwbacks don’t end there in the comic, numerous past lines spit-balled that rattle the Doctor Who cage. With additional quips, such as “Aren’t you a little weedy to be an executioner?“, one can’t help be reminded of Star Wars’ Princess Leia. Ultimately, issue #13 has a universal awareness of tentpole pop culture alongside the Who universe it plays in.


A companion that is as vicious as she is helpful? Check! A god-like enemy that credibly threatens the universe? Check! A self-aware comic that uses pop culture as a perceptive ploy? Check! This adventure simply has it all, and is a must-buy for fans of Who!

Blogtor rating: 10/10

Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor #2.13 is available now in print and digital form.

TITAN COMICS – DOCTOR WHO 12th #2.13 – Credits


  1. My favourite part of this art is the metafictional aspect of Richelieu being the character Capaldi played before joining Doctor Who. They missed a bit by not making him more of a lookalike.
    Speaking of lookalikes, I was waiting for them to reveal that Julie was a Clara echo as at times she looked quite a bit like her. An interesting character who I hope we see again (I’m not expecting her to return in #14 as Titan seems to be doing one-off companions with the story arcs as it bides it time before introducing Bill.)


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