Titan Comics - Eighth Doctor #2 - Cover A
Titan Comics – Eighth Doctor #2 – Cover A

After finding a list of things to do left in a book by a previous incarnation, The Doctor takes his new companion off to the first stop: Lumins world. Landing straight in the middle of a war zone, Josie is immediately thrown into danger and The Doctor must persuade the locals to help, Get to the root of the war, and end it before its too late.

Titan Comics - Eighth Doctor #2 - Preview 1
Titan Comics – Eighth Doctor #2 – Preview 1

Following on from the brilliant first issue of Titans Eighth Doctor comic, this story throws our new companion Josie straight into the action with a thrilling, wild adventure. Injured in the middle of a war zone, she experiences the danger of traveling with the time lord on her very first outing and makes her mark in bravely helping to save the day. Wanting to help even when she is in grave danger really proves her companion status, and shows that George Mann has managed to create a loveable, fun companion in only two short stories. Without a sign of her ongoing arc that was touched upon in the first issue, you forget that there may be anything different or mysterious about her and get lost in the adventure she is having.

Titan Comics - Eighth Doctor #2 - Preview 2
Titan Comics – Eighth Doctor #2 – Preview 2

As well as the continuation of Josie’s fantastic characterization, The Doctors feelings on the matter of war are portrayed brilliantly. Truthful and fuelled with passion and anger, a beautiful speech channels every reason why he is so against it. This really gives the story a great edge and shows that George Mann has nailed The Doctor perfectly, along with his fun, loveable sides shown throughout.

Titan Comics - Eighth Doctor #2 - Preview 3
Titan Comics – Eighth Doctor #2 – Preview 3

The adventure features two new races, The Calaxi and The Spherion’s. The species work brilliantly and serve the plot well, their story a sad one with both races struggling to survive. With neither knowing the truth about each other, you’ll end up feeling sorry for both of them stuck in this accidental war.  These characters come to life beautifully through Emma Vieceli’s stunning artwork; from the detail in these new species to the stunning landscape of Lumins world, it proves just how much bigger comics can go than on screen adventures.

8D_02_Preview4Overall this story propels The Doctor and Josie straight into the thick of it, not even giving our new companion a chance to enjoy the ride before being thrown into serious danger. Helping to save the day, the doctor rewards her fittingly at the end of the story, with a beautiful scene inside the TARDIS which secures this pairing as a great doctor/companionship after just their first outing. The tale immediately leaves you wanting more from them, and that plot thread about Josie’s character still lingers from the first issue…

Written By George Mann

Artwork by Emma Vieceli

Released: November 25th, 2015



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