Jump on board the Thirteenth Doctor’s brilliant debut comic adventure in Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 1: A New Beginning!

Jodie Whittaker’s first series as the Doctor may have concluded back in January, but her incarnation’s adventures continue in Titan Comics‘ latest addition to the Doctor Who universe. Their Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor series launched last November, and has been continuing from strength to strength ever since. Writer Jody Houser, along with artist Rachael Stott and colourist Enrica Eren Angiolini (plus several other talented artists) have joined forces to seamlessly translate the Doctor, Yaz, Ryan, and Graham from the screen to the page.

A New Beginning collects the first chapter of their comic-book adventures, as originally published across the series’ first four issues. It connects neatly with Titan‘s prequel series ‘The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor‘, released across the summer of 2018. Nevertheless, it’s by no means essential reading before picking up this collection (although BlogtorWho would highly recommend checking it out!) Indeed, this first volume of the Thirteenth Doctor comic series is perfect for any fan of Doctor Who. It doesn’t matter whether you’re caught up on the latest television series, or if you’ve never read a Titan comic. However, this collection will undoubtedly be best appreciated by already firm fans of the latest television series.

A New Beginning Takes Us on a Whirlwind Trip Across the Universe

This volume follows time-travelling scientists and (unwilling) thieves Doctor Perkins and Doctor Schulz. A terrifying, skeletal, and treasure-hungry creature known only as ‘The Hoarder’ has taken them prisoner. After being blackmailed by this tyrant, the two scientists have been forced to steal for him across time and space. However, as luck would have it, Perkins’ sabotaged vortex manipulator sends him hurtling through a portal, before crash-landing into the path of the TARDIS team. It’s now up to them to help him find his ailing colleague and free them from the Hoarder’s grasp.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 1 – Page 2
Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 1 – Page 2

The Doctor and friends’ encounter with Perkins takes them on a whirlwind trip across the universe, as they visit a whole host of alien worlds in search of answers. Each new location they visit naturally presents an opportunity for the series’ artistic team to show off their skills. Everything from the Hoarder’s gold-covered lair, to a robot army’s prison, to a mountainous landscape adorned with crystals is beautifully rendered. Even the TARDIS interior is given a gorgeous golden glow, making it appear somehow more ethereal than it does on-screen.

The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 1 is an Essential Purchase for Fans of Series 11

This collection is a must-buy for any fan of the Thirteenth Doctor and friends’ debut television series. The creative team behind the series have come together to create a compelling and visually stunning story. Writer Jody Houser, along with the artists, colourists, flatters and letterers who have contributed their talents to this series, have seamlessly translated the current TARDIS team from screen to page. Rachael Stott‘s skill shines through especially prominently. Stott manages to perfectly capture the Doctor’s brilliantly expressive features, not to mention the likenesses of her companions. Houser‘s talents are just as clearly on display. She expertly brings each of the ‘fam’ to life on the page. All of them are instantly recognisable as the characters we’ve grown to love throughout the latest television series.

What’s more, this first volume also contains a gallery of the spectacular artwork featured on the covers of Issues 1-4. These include the thirteen variant covers produced for the series’ debut issue, and features work from Alice X. Zhang, Doctor Puppet‘s Alisa SternPaulina Ganucheau, plus many more.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 1 – Page 3
Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 1 – Page 3

The Adventure Continues!

Titan Comics’ ongoing Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor series is perfect for fans enduring the long wait until the show returns to our screens in 2020. At present, the series is mid-way through its second story arc. The Doctor and friends currently find themselves exploring humanity’s past, which is under threat from the bloodthirsty Stilean Flesh Eaters. Check out BlogtorWho’s reviews of issues five and six to find out more about this latest chapter of Team TARDIS’ comic-book adventures!

If all that wasn’t enough, Titan Comics are once again taking part in Free Comic Book Day. Visit your local comic shop on Saturday 4th May to pick up your copy of their stand-alone Thirteenth Doctor comic, produced exclusively for this year’s event!

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 1: A New Beginning is available from Titan Comics from Tuesday 7th May, in stores and digitally.

Bestselling comics writer Jody Houser and fan-favorite artists Rachael Stott and Enrica Eren Angiolini team up to launch the Doctor and her friends into a whole new universe of unforgettable adventures!

This first collection of the Thirteenth Doctor’s comic book series sees the newest incarnation of the Doctor, along with her new companions – Graham, Yaz and Ryan – trail-blazing through time tackling vile villains, avoiding an intergalactic alien civil war, uncovering the truth behind a secret human time travel experiment, and doing battle with an alien hoarder obsessed with amassing the greatest treasure in the history of the universe!

With this new Doctor in charge, one thing’s for certain: there’s never a dull moment or a second to spare, even if you are a Time Lord!

Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 1 – Cover
Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Vol. 1 – Cover


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