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REVIEW: Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2

Doctor Who - Thirteenth Doctor - Issue 2 - Cover A - (c) Titan Comics

The plot thickens as Titan Comics‘ new Thirteenth Doctor series continues…

Last month saw the highly-anticipated Thirteenth Doctor series from Titan Comics finally get underway. With the arrival of its second instalment, it’s safe to say that this series is proving to be the perfect companion (no pun intended!) to the current television series. This is all thanks to Jody Houser‘s spot-on writing, and Rachael Stott and Enrica Eren Agniolini‘s stunning artwork.

The first issue introduced us to time-travellers and (unwilling) thieves Perkins and Doctor Schulz. Perkins turned out to be the figure who had been reaching out to the Doctor across time and space through the mysterious portal which appeared throughout Titan‘s ‘The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor‘ prequel series. This second instalment picks up right where we left off, with the Doctor and company surrounded by the so-called Grand Army of the Just.

You Are Now Prisoners of the Grand Army of the Just!

It’s not long before The Doctor, Yaz, Graham, Ryan, and Perkins find themselves the prisoners of this sinister army. I really appreciated the Doctor looking to Yaz as an authority figure to negotiate with the Army, whilst she tried to stop Perkins phasing in and out of reality. I do feel that Yaz’s skills as a police officer have been somewhat underappreciated on screen. In addition, this is undoubtedly the same Doctor we know from the television series, as she reassures Yaz that she was ‘brilliant’ despite their capture. The Doctor proves herself to be someone who ‘is and always will be the optimist’, as her eleventh incarnation once said, even in the face of apparent defeat. ‘Alive prisoners. And that’s the key, isn’t it?’, she reminds her friends.

The Mystery Deepens…

This issue creates more questions than it answers. Although we’re largely none the wiser about many of the mysteries which have emerged over these past two issues, we do begin to find out a little more about Perkins. It transpires that he and Doctor Schulz had created prototype time-travel suits which malfunctioned. This error landed them in the lair of the treasure-hungry creature we were introduced to in the opening issue. But the biggest revelation comes in the final panel, as Perkins shows his true colours…

Stott and Angiolini Continue to Astound

As previously mentioned, it’s Rachael Stott and Enrica Eren Angiolini‘s beautiful artwork that continues to really bring Houser‘s story to life. This issue does feature some guest art from Giorgia Sposito and Valeria Favoccia. However, their renderings of the Doctor and friends don’t quite stand up alongside Stott and Angiolini‘s work. The series’ two main artists do the best job of capturing each of our four main characters. In particular, their ability to so perfectly capture the Doctor’s brilliantly expressive face will undoubtedly delight fans of the television series. Despite this, Sposito‘s final page was certainly the most impactful in this issue! Where this adventure will take the Doctor, Ryan, Graham, and Yaz next is anyone’s guess, for now…

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #2 is available to buy from Wednesday 5th December.

Check out the three variant covers for Issue #2 by Paulina Ganucheau, Rachael Stott, plus a photo variant, below!



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