If you’re a fan of guest stars from classic Who, then you will greatly enjoy the first part of ‘Official Secrets’, part of the comic adventure for the ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston).

Welcome back to the 70s (or is it the 80s?)! The Doctor becomes entangled once more with the forces of UNIT when a cache of potentially devastating top secret material is leaked to the media. But does the UNIT whistleblower have a point? Alien invasion and internecine intrigue combine in an explosive new story!

We continue from the previous issue with the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack following one last gargoyle while doing their very best to shutdown the intergalactic punch way that has taken them back a few decades. But they’re not quite sure where they landed.

TITAN COMICS - Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #6 Preview 1
TITAN COMICS – Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #6 Preview 1
Old and New Faces

We get more clues when the team run into some familiar faces, Sgt. Benton and Harry Sullivan! Deploying Harry here is a great sleight of hand, as even the Doctor is poking about and expecting the Brigadier to pop out at any second. There is a lovely contrast between how Benton and Harry handle the Doctor’s changing faces, and Harry’s frustration with the Doctor is exactly what’s needed to counter the Doctor’s gruff actions at this point.

The addition of a new friend Tara, who reminds me a bit of Martha Jones, in looks, helps provide insight into those turned into gargoyles and adds a human element beyond Rose’s normal “protect all the innocents” mode.

TITAN COMICS - Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #6 Preview 2
TITAN COMICS – Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #6 Preview 2

I have really become a fan of Adriana Melo’s art and would love to see Titan use her on another of the Doctor Who lines, such as the Eleventh Doctor series. I love how she conveys movement and her facial expressions, especially with Rose.

It’s a solid opener for a two-part story from Cavan Scott, though I am disappointed that Jack did not try to pick up Benton. Jack, you are slipping!

Doctor Who Ninth Doctor #6 is now available in comic stores.

TITAN COMICS - Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #6 Preview 3
TITAN COMICS – Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #6 Preview 3



  1. I am loving these Ninth Doctor adventures. That part of the show, between ‘The Doctor Dances’ and ‘Boom Town’, was screaming for a ‘6B’ style’ further adventures. And their not only fantastic Doctor Who stories, but fantastic comics!


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