Can the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors work together with their companions and an alien queen to fix a terrible paradox in the third instalment of Doctor Who Comic?

Following two exciting opening issues, the first story in Titan Comics‘ recently re-launched Doctor Who Comic series has now passed the halfway mark. Despite its re-brand, this series continues directly on from the conclusion of Titan‘s final Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor story, which was published back in May last year.

The series’ last issue ended with a surprising cliffhanger, which saw the ‘fam’ return to London after having defeated the Autons and Weeping Angels with the Tenth Doctor and Martha’s help, to find the city in ruins under a stormy, red sky.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 1

As such, the launch of Doctor Who Comic has been highly anticipated, not only because it promises to resolve the previous issue’s cliffhanger, but also because it is set to feature several familiar faces from across the Doctor Who universe, both friendly and otherwise.

As first announced back in September last year, this new story arc sees the Thirteenth and Tenth Doctors back together again, this time in the present day. They’ll have to join forces once again to stop the Earth being overrun, this time by the Sea Devils! What’s more, the two Time Lords have another helping hand this time in the form of Rose Tyler, leader of the human resistance.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 5

The Story So Far

Doctor Who Comic #1 and #2 gave readers an intriguing introduction to the alternate version of present-day Earth which has been brought into existence thanks to the paradox created by the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors’ interaction in 1960s London (as depicted in Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Season 2 #1-4). In this new timeline, Earth was conquered several centuries ago by the Sea Devils, meaning that a certain Rose Tyler never met the Doctor. Instead, she’s leading the human resistance in a fight against their alien overlords.

Whilst exploring this strange, new London, the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions quickly found themselves captured and imprisoned, along with none other than Pete and Jackie Tyler. Meanwhile, a concerned Tenth Doctor materialised right in front of Rose, and asked her to come with him to help fix Earth’s broken timeline.

Just when it seemed this mystery couldn’t get much bigger, a new player quite literally burst on to the scene, as none other than the Skithra (as previously seen in recent television story Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror) arrived to liberate humanity, led by a different queen to the one the ‘fam’ encountered before. It transpired that in this timeline, the Skithra successfully kidnapped Nikola Tesla, which started the chain of events which led to the Earth being conquered by the Sea Devils.

Now, the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions, plus the Skithra Queen, have set off to travel back to early 1900’s New York to save Nikola Tesla (again). However, the Tenth Doctor and Rose have dematerialised at the same moment, causing some serious interference between their two TARDISes!

Doctor Who Comic #3 Sees the Doctors’ TARDISes Go Haywire, plus a Whistle-Stop Tour of Time and Space

Doctor Who Comic #3 opens with both Doctors’ TARDISes in chaos due to their proximity in the time vortex. In a continuation of last issue’s final pages, Houser cleverly crafts both Time Lords’ dialogue as their ships threaten to collide with one another, and their speech begins to mirror one other. Ingranata, Angiolini, and Chankhamma‘s artwork, combined with Starkings‘ lettering, only helps to enhance this effect, as panels depicting each Doctor’s perspective overlap with and parallel each other.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #3 – Interior 1

Thankfully, the Doctors are able to fix the interference in the nick of time, and bring all of the story’s central characters together in order for them to arrive in New York City, 1903, in one piece.

By this point, this story is becoming a rather complex web, with a growing number of characters and plot points to address. As such, there are some rather important moments which are disappointingly glossed over, and key problems which are resolved perhaps too easily. Whilst it is of course enjoyable to revisit past stories, and to see their locations and characters so brilliantly recreated on the page by Ingranata, Angiolini, and Chankhamma, the way this issue jumps around time and space does make it hard to know what to focus on at times.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #3 – Interior 5

Nevertheless, across her almost three years writing Titan‘s Doctor Who series, Houser has always provided readers with satisfying conclusions to her stories. With the necessary time-and-space hopping complete, Doctor Who Comic #4 is sure to neatly wrap up this series’ first arc, and hopefully return to some of those issues glossed over in this issue. Plus, as ever, it’ll be exciting to see where the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions’ off-screen adventures take them next!

Doctor Who Comic #3 is available to purchase now from Forbidden Planet, ComiXology, and all good comic retailers.

Check out the three variant covers available for this issue below, featuring artwork from Meghan Hetrick, Andrew Leung, and Christopher Jones:

Doctor Who Comic #4 is due out on Wednesday 10th February, and is available to pre-order now from Forbidden Planet and ComiXology.


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