The Tenth Doctor reconnects with Rose, and the Thirteenth Doctor encounters more surprising familiar faces in the second issue of Doctor Who Comic!

After six months away, Titan Comics have re-launched their ongoing Doctor Who series, now under a new name – Doctor Who Comic. Despite this re-branding, this latest story (entitled ‘Alternating Current‘) which began last month with Doctor Who Comic #1, continues directly on from the dramatic conclusion of the final Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor story. Having defeated the Autons and Weeping Angels with the Tenth Doctor and Martha’s help, the ‘fam’ returned to London to find the city in ruins under a stormy, red sky.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 1

As such, the launch of Doctor Who Comic has been hotly anticipated, not only because it promises to resolve the previous issue’s cliffhanger, but also because it is set to feature several familiar faces from across the Doctor Who universe, both friendly and otherwise.

As first announced back in September, this new story arc will see the Thirteenth and Tenth Doctors back together again, this time in the present day. They’ll have to join forces once again to stop the Earth being overrun, this time by the Sea Devils! What’s more, the two Time Lords have another helping hand this time in the form of Rose Tyler, leader of the human resistance.

The Story So Far

Doctor Who Comic #1 was by and large an introduction to the alternate version of present-day Earth which has been brought into existence as a result of the timeline shift caused by the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors’ meeting in 1960s London (as depicted in Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Season 2 #1-4). In this new timeline, Earth was conquered several centuries ago by the Sea Devils, meaning that a certain Rose Tyler never met the Doctor. Instead, she’s leading the human resistance in a fight against their alien overlords.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 5

Meanwhile, the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions set out to investigate a now post-apocalyptic London. The Doctor attempted to pass herself of as a human/Sea Devil liaison, which was unfortunately far less effective against the Sea Devils than it was against the Judoon in ‘Fugitive of the Judon‘. The ‘fam’ now find themselves captured by the Sea Devils, along with none other than Pete and Jackie Tyler! Elsewhere, Rose is in for a shock, as the Tenth Doctor materialises right in front of her!

Doctor Who Comic #2 Sees The Tenth Doctor and Rose (Almost) Reunited

Following last month’s intriguing and promising introductory issue, which saw the return of several of the Doctor’s old friends and foes, and even a past incarnation of the Doctor themselves, Doctor Who Comic #2 has a lot of different elements to juggle.

Nevertheless, long-time readers of Titan Comics‘ Doctor Who series will know that writer Jody Houser is a dab hand when it comes to pacing. She’s able to effectively balance the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctor’s currently disconnected storylines, with neither one overshadowing the other. This issue also sees these two Doctors’ stories begin to parallel one another as they start to converge, which is brilliantly conveyed through a clever combination of Houser‘s dialogue and Roberta Ingranata and Enrica Eren Angiolini‘s artwork.

On one side of this warped version London, the Tenth Doctor tries to offer a helping hand to a version of Rose who doesn’t recognise or trust him. Doctor Who Comic #2‘s opening panels make for emotional reading, as the Doctor finds himself placed in much the same situation River Song found herself in ‘Silence in the Library‘.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #2 – Interior Page 1

Doctor Who Comic #2 Brings Even More Surprise Returns!

Elsewhere, the mysteries of this alternate reality only deepen further. Just when it seems as though this story can’t throw any more surprise appearances at its readers, another unexpected figure (quite literally) bursts onto the scene! It’s unlikely that any reader will be able to predict their identity, and the unforeseen connection to a recent television story which is created by their arrival.

As ever, this second issue will leave readers with far more questions than answers, and ones that they’ll be eager to have resolved. Nevertheless, watching the threads of this mystery begin to intertwine, combined with the fresh spin Houser and the team are putting on these well-loved characters, makes for very enjoyable reading.

Plus, if previous stories are anything to go by, this series’ creative team are sure to deliver those all-important moment’s we’re all waiting for in good time, but for now, we’ll have to wait until next month…

Doctor Who Comic #2 is available to purchase now from Forbidden Planet, ComiXology, and all good comic retailers.

Check out the three variant covers available for this issue below, featuring artwork from Peach MomokoAndrew Leung, and Christopher Jones:

Doctor Who Comic #3 is due out on Wednesday 13th January, and is available to pre-order now from Forbidden Planet and ComiXology.


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