The Thirteenth Doctor and her companions return to Earth for a new Titan Comics adventure, but there’s something very wrong with London…

Since 2018, Titan Comics have been bringing us off-screen adventures featuring the current TARDIS crew as part of their Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor series. Across the series, which was initially launched to tie in with Jodie Whittaker‘s debut television series as the Doctor, the ‘fam’ have faced off against several brand-new enemies across time and space, including the formidable Hoarder and the disturbing Stilean Flesh Eaters. Elsewhere, they’ve teamed up with members of the Time Agency, as well as fellow Time Lord and swashbuckling pirate, the Corsair, as first introduced by Neil Gaiman in ‘The Doctor’s Wife’.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #11 – Page 2

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor‘s most recent arc, which was published earlier this year, saw the Doctor, Ryan, Yaz, and Graham travel to 1960s London and join forces with the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones against the Weeping Angels and Autons in a brilliant re-imagining of modern classic television story ‘Blink‘.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor Season 2 #1 – Page 3

BlogtorWho was lucky enough to speak with artists Roberta Ingranata and Enrica Eren Angiolini about their experience of working on this crossover story in an interview published last month.

After a six-month hiatus, during which time the team behind the Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor series produced their contribution to Time Lord Victorious, entitled ‘Defender of the Daleks‘, they’re back under a new heading – Doctor Who Comic.

However, despite the series’ re-brand, this inaugural Doctor Who Comic story does in fact continue directly from the dramatic conclusion of the final Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor story. Having defeated the Autons and Weeping Angels with the Tenth Doctor and Martha’s help, the ‘fam’ returned to London to find the city in ruins under a stormy, red sky.

As such, Doctor Who Comic #1 has been hotly anticipated, not only because it promises to resolve the previous issue’s cliffhanger, but also because it is set to feature several familiar faces from across the Doctor Who universe, both friendly and otherwise.

As first announced back in September, this new story arc will see the Thirteenth and Tenth Doctors back together again, this time in the present day. They’ll have to join forces once again to stop the Earth being overrun, this time by the Sea Devils! What’s more, the two Time Lords have another helping hand this time in the form of Rose Tyler, leader of the human resistance.

Doctor Who Comic #1 Provides a Promising Start to an Intriguing New Story

This opening chapter of Titan Comics‘ re-launched Doctor Who series picks up right where the previous issue left off, with the Thirteenth Doctor looking out over a ruined London under a red and stormy sky.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 1

It soon transpires that the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors’ meeting in 1960s London has created an alternate timeline, with the Earth having been conquered several centuries ago by the Sea Devils. Doctor Who Comic #1 largely acts as an introduction to this new version of reality, and what has become of humanity. We’re treated to some brief glimpses of Rose Tyler in action as the leader of the human resistance, looking very badass indeed at the head of her band of resistance fighters!

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 5

Elsewhere, the Doctor, Yaz, Graham, and Ryan set out to investigate this strange, new version of London. Jody Houser‘s writing is on point as always, as she continues to perfectly capture the ‘fam’s on-screen dynamic, and especially the Thirteenth Doctor’s mannerisms as she bickers with the TARDIS, and even uses a cunning plan reminiscent of one she used in ‘Fugitive of the Judoon‘.

As per usual, Houser‘s writing is complimented by Roberta Ingranata‘s artwork and Eren Enrica Angiolini‘s colours, with the latter doing a fantastic job of giving post-alien invasion London a brilliantly sinister and unsettling atmosphere.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic #1 – Interior Page 4

Overall, Doctor Who Comic #1 provides an intriguing introduction to what looks set to be another exciting off-screen adventure for the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions. It serves as a good jumping-on point for any new readers, whilst also encouraging them to revisit the series’ previous arc.

As well as this, Houser and co have given readers a lot to look forward to, as this issue has already provided even more surprise appearances than we were anticipating, and the prospect of Thirteenth Doctor’s reunion with Rose Tyler is more than enough motivation to keep reading.

Doctor Who Comic #1 is available to purchase now from Forbidden Planet, ComiXology, and all good comic retailers.

Check out the six variant covers available for this issue below, featuring artwork from Peach Momoko, Andrew Leung, Christopher JonesMirka Andolfo, and Rachael Stott, plus a blank variant.


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