The Time Sentinels have kidnapped Gabby and declare war on the Doctor, intent on using the Circle of Transcendence to eliminate him from time. But, Aspect Blue is on his way to help and he’s not the only one looking out for the Doctor…

Tenth Doctor 3.14 Page 1_preview
Tenth Doctor 3.14 Page 1_preview

After the Doctor discovers Gabby has been kidnapped, he and Marcie create a time cone inverter to fight off the Red TARDIS. But he doesn’t expect Gabby to know how to dilate a temporal eclipse. She seems to know exactly what to do and this intrigues the Doctor. He doesn’t have time to ponder though; he needs to save Aramuko.

Writer Nick Abadzis challenges the Doctor by foreshadowing Gabby’s encounter with someone from his future. It creates a gripping atmosphere and balances the enormity of the adventure with some lighter moments, such as Gabby’s reunion with the Doctor, albeit not knowing he’s no longer a hugger. The imagination of the Circle of Transcendence and the Red TARDIS is impressive, making for a riveting read.

Tenth Doctor 3.14 Cover B_preview
Tenth Doctor 3.14 Cover B_preview

Gabby’s development is subtle but evident and crucial to the resolution of the conflict. Now she has her powers, she is more willing to challenge herself. She’s learning what she can achieve without the Doctor to guide her. Even Aspect Blue and Anubis are discovering new ways of living, they are no longer confined to the life they are expected to lead.

Artist Giorgia Sposito and Colourist Arianna Florean achieve some stunning visuals in this story. The distortion of angles when the TARDIS and Red TARDIS collide are mindbendingly awesome and create an impermanent reality of glittering purples and blues.

The conclusion to “The Good Companion” is a compelling, tense and character driven adventure with innovative artwork that dazzles, twists and splashes the colours of the universe right into our hands. 9/10


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