The Owners Sylvester McCoy

Maisie Williams (Mary), Ian Kenny (Nathan), Sylvester McCoy (Dr. Huggins) and Rita Tushingham (Ellie Huggins) in The Owners (c) Blue Light/Logical Pictures/Wild Bunch Doctor Who Seventh Doctor Arya Stark Game of Thrones

Nathan (Ian Kenny) threatens Dr. Huggins (Sylvester McCoy) to gain access to his safe. Nathan is wearing a blue and white patterned tracksuit jacket and has a stocking over his head, distorting his features. He holds a stanley knife in one hand wearing a massive sovereign ring and is snarling in the face of Dr Huggins. Huggins (80s, portly, thick rimmed glasses) wears a beige tweet jacket, brown waistcoat, olive shirt and brown self-tie brown tie. He looks stoic, perhaps even unimpressed, in the face of Nathan’s threats. The background behind them is a darkened basement. (c) Blue Light/Logical Pictures/Wild Bunch

The Owners Gang
The Owners Mary Mrs Huggins