The Owners Gang

Maisie Williams (Mary), Ian Kenny (Nathan), Sylvester McCoy (Dr. Huggins) and Rita Tushingham (Ellie Huggins) in The Owners (c) Blue Light/Logical Pictures/Wild Bunch Doctor Who Seventh Doctor Arya Stark Game of Thrones

Terry (Andrew Ellis), Gaz (Jake Curran) and Nathan (Ian Kenny) break into the Huggins house, An interior view of a dark, wood paneled corridor with ending in a door with a window split into eight panes. The bottom right pane is smashed, and three faces peer in. Terry is heavy set, sweaty looking, with greasy hair parted in the middle over his worried expression. Gaz is gaunt with air of menacing cruelty as he stares malignly at us. Nathan is more handsome and square jawed, peering in as if trying to make something out. (c) Blue Light/Logical Pictures/Wild Bunch

Owners Poster McCoy
The Owners Sylvester McCoy