Owners Poster

Maisie Williams (Mary), Ian Kenny (Nathan), Sylvester McCoy (Dr. Huggins) and Rita Tushingham (Ellie Huggins) in The Owners (c) Blue Light/Logical Pictures/Wild Bunch Doctor Who Seventh Doctor Arya Stark Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams (Mary), Ian Kenny (Nathan), Sylvester McCoy (Dr. Huggins) and Rita Tushingham (Ellie Huggins) in The Owners. Mary (petite, late teens/early 20s, shoulder length untidy brown hair pulled roughly back from her face) is dressed in a blue denim jacket a little too big for her, black and white stripey t-shirt,baggy olive combat trousers. She holds a large sledgehammer by her side and her expression is almost vacant, as if in shock. Behind her, right at her shoulder, Nathan is dressed in a blue and white patterned tracksuit jacket, grey t-shirt and grey adidas track suit bottoms with white stripes. His expression is hard, slightly menacing, and he holds a large kitchen knife in one hand. He has short dyed blond hair pulled forward, ragged stubble as if not yet quite able to grow a beard and a handsome, angular face. They’re cast in darkness in a nigh scene with a slice of red light on the horizon behind them. Bathed in the light from below, making them look faintly demonic, are the distant figures of Dr. and Mrs. Huggins. their faces largely in shadow, the Hugginses look almost demonic. He slightly portly, in his 80s, wearing thick rimmed glasses and a tweed suit, clutching his lapels. She, thin and birdlike in a tweed jacket and floral print dress, her eyes glinting evilly. The tall thin poplar trees of their garden are silhouetted behind them. Further back still, a large Victorian manor house or multiple peaked roofs, brick and dark windows, looms out of the darkness. Behind that is only black night. The text, “The Owners” is in blood red across the centre of the image, across Mary’s midsection.(c) Blue Light/Logical Pictures/Wild Bunch

Owners Poster McCoy