Release Date: July 5

RRP: £15.99
Duration: 135 mins (approx.)

Stories included:
The Time of Angels
Flesh and Stone
The Vampires Of Venice

The Monster Files


I guess it’s not gonna shock anyone when I describe the Weeping Angels’ two~part return as a modern~day classic. You can read my review of The Time of Angels HERE so I’ll chat a little bit about the pause~inducing second part, Flesh & Stone. But before I do, I’d like to have a bit of a moan about how that excellent second part was slightly ruined. And this is actually nothing to do with the story but, in fact, the Next Time trail from the first part (which, ironically, isn’t even on this collection as they don’t put them on these DVD releases anymore).

That particular ‘throw forward’, as it were, needlessly revealed that The Crack would be making a return. Why did they do that? They could have quite easily just left it out, leaving quite a surprise for the viewer when it turns up and plays as significant part of the story. (And speaking of significant parts of the story, I’m sure we’ll all be returning to a certain scene in Flesh & Stone, perhaps freeze~framing it too after The Big Bang airs this Saturday.) Anyway, small point and it does not stop the two~parter being utterly perfect.

One of the most touching moments was the death of Octavian, played so stoutly by Iain Glen, and his final exchange The Doctor. When everyone’s favourite Time Lord says,”I wish I’d known you better,” the soon~to~be~dead ally replies, “I think sir, you know me at my best.” Sniff, beautiful stuff. Amy’s journey in the forest surrounded by the Weeping Angels is also worth a mention, especially when those stone bastards get moving. Bbbrrrr!

What I don’t understand is just why, after the far~reaching events in those episodes is why The Doctor decides to eff off to Venice and not really worry about The Crack. Well, actually, first he pops himself into a cake and surprises Rory before whisking the couple off into The Vampires of Venice. Though one of Matt Smith’s Doctor’s defining traits does seem to be that he gets things wrong now and again (very refreshing it is too!). Despite the lavish production and humorous moments, Vampires never really gets off the ground and disappoints with its poor denouement.


Unsurprisingly The Monster Files concentrates on the Weeping Angels but what is surprising is this little “mini” Confidential is actually a bit of a treat. We are presented with a lot of backstage shenanigans, taking in just how the creatures come to life (not literally). However, I could’ve done with a little less “Aren’t the Weeping Angels just the scariest?” and “Ain’t Moffat a genius?” gushing from anyone in the vicinity of a camera (not that those two facts are false, by the way, we just hear them quite a bit).

A good, if flippin’ short, extra and whether or not it will make you purchase this release is up for debate as I’m sure most of you will be waiting for the super~duper box set due for release in November. It’s difficult to know exactly who these DVDs are aimed but, judging purely on what you get (one amazing/classic Doctor Who two~parter), for a tenner it ain’t too bad at all.

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