We’ve been gradually publishing reviews of the Target novelisations released by BBC Books last week. But if you want to get a quick handle on them all, we’ve summarised them here:

Rose by Russell T Davies

“The humour is firing on all cylinders, Russell T Davies not missing a single opportunity to make you smile. It’s a great way to relive the episode and experience the excitement of it starting all over again.” — Robin Bell

Read Robin’s original review here!

The Christmas Invasion by Jenny T Colgan

“The use of narration, small tweaks to scenes and dialogue and even creating two new characters helps the novelisation develop the themes that Davies hinted at…when it comes to a character-driven, sci-fi adventure, Colgan is a great choice.” — Mat Greenfield

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The Day of the Doctor by Steven Moffat

“This is about as wibbly-wobbly, booky-wooky as a Doctor Who novel can get…Reading this makes for one heck of an experience…Moffat’s prose is honestly rather wonderfully written; an especially impressive feat considering it’s his first novel!” — Richard Swain

Read Richard’s original review here!

Twice Upon a Time by Paul Cornell

“There are some Target traditions laid out, Doctor introductions and character descriptions have a very familiar feel in Cornell’s hands…An epic examination about death, love, life and fairy-tales. All within 161 pages, that is some achievement.” — Robin Bell

Read Robin’s original review here!

City of Death by Douglas Adams & James Goss

“Goss recreates the style of Adams’s prose and humour with relaxed authenticity…the humour of Adams’s script shines through in this version thanks to Goss’s clear respect for the source material. James Goss has crafted an ideal balance between the style of Douglas Adams and his own writing sensibilities.” — Mat Greenfield

Read Mat’s original review here!

Which Target novelisation has been your favourite? Which New Who story would you like to be seen given the Target treatment next? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @BlogtorWho!


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