The third story in ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ bring us a love story between a Captain and his Midshipman.

You can read our full review of ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ here, but we wanted to give special attention to ‘One Enchanted Evening’. Both because it’s a great story and because a preview is available as a free download with the code in Gay Times.

Hey Yo Captain Jack!

Russell Tovey
Russell Tovey as Midshipman Frame

Die-hard Doctor Who fans will have no trouble recognising these two, but here’s a primer just in case. John Barrowman has been playing Captain Jack Harkness for over a decade now. Both on Doctor Who as well as headlining its TV spin-off ‘Torchwood’ and subsequent audio series. Russell Tovey had a guest role in Doctor Who’s 2007 Christmas special ‘Voyage of the Damned’ where he played Midshipman Alonso Frame.

David Tennant’s final episode as the Doctor features cameo appearances by both Barrowman and Tovey. The pair meet in the Zaggit Zagoo bar on the planet Zog (just go with it) and sparks fly…

What happened next?

This story takes place immediately after this scene, with Jack and Alonso returning to the Midshipman’s cabin aboard an orbiting spaceship. But Alonso has the worst luck. Before long, they’re fighting for survival as the ship comes under attack.

Top Goss

The story has been penned by veteran Big Finish writer James Goss. He also serves as executive producer for the audio series of ‘Torchwood’. Of course he has no trouble writing for Captain Jack and he revels in getting to complete the Midshipman Frame trilogy. Russell Tovey gets some of the funniest lines and it makes for a great double-act in early scenes.

“He’s sent me a photo!”


From the preview, you might be expecting the entire story to consist entirely of flirting and not-so-subtle innuendo. And there is a lot of it! But Goss has also given them a surprisingly sweet relationship based around recent experiences. You don’t need to have seen exactly what happened to both characters in their previous appearances. It adds an extra layer but there’s enough groundwork there to follow along.


‘One Enchanted Evening’ is a combination of disaster movie and love story. All the trappings of the ‘Titanic’ story are present, including the panicky passengers and upper-class twits. The supporting cast, most notably Ellie Heydon as Ginny, breaks up the Jack/Alonso two-hander. Meanwhile, the glorious Katy Manning plays the villain Mother Nothing in all her delightfully evil and weirdly-voiced splendour.

A 10 minute preview of ‘One Enchanted Evening’ can be downloaded for free using the code in Gay Times magazine. The full release of ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ is available to buy from the Big Finish website.

Be sure to check out our review of ‘The Lives of Captain Jack’ if you need convincing.


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