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REVIEW – “The Last Voyage” audio

BBC Audio out now
Available on Double CD [RRP £9.99]

Wow, Davey T is back! Remember when he was The Tenth Doctor? Way back in, oh let me think, January 2010, car~azy times man. Yuperoony, the most popular incarnation of Gallifrey’s finest returns in adventure that comes off as Midnight crossed with Voyage of the Damned (and chuck in Nightmare of Eden for good measure).
It’s a brilliant start without a word uttered, all eerie noises and tones – the high production values continue throughout. And it takes a while for the Time Lord to show up, before that we get ‘treated’ to David Tennant performing a conversation as two girls (cue gasps). One of the girls, Sugar MacAuley, is an American and Davey T gets a chance to show off his Yank accent.

And this is gonna split some people I fear. You’ll either lurve it or hate it. His style certainly does take you out of the story as it’s purty funny to hear but it does match the vivacious nature of Sugar’s persona.
The story itself is an old~fashioned murder mystery (with a bit of quantum mechanics thrown in) with the crew and passengers of an “interstitial transposition vehicle” (that’s spaceship to you and me) going missing or dying. Or do they….?

Tonally it veers from some very light moments (Sugar wears a winged hat leading to The Doctor calling her Asterix) to some quite dark scenes (notably the graphic cliffhanger) and writer Dan Abnett handles it very well. His invention, the lashboard, is intriguing and beautifully sci~fi, almost retro~fully so (is that even a word?). Add in a reference to The Doctor’s real name and an unidentified monster and you’ll find The Last Voyage an absolute treat perfect for all these cold nights stuck indoors.
Blogtor rating 8/10

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