With a Young One at the helm, the Big Finish Originals range soldiers on with its second new release.

Nigel Planer. How does one describe Nigel Planer? The Young One, Scarlet Pimpernel, son of Vorg, teller of Discworld stories and Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids…And now, the writer of a fantastical time-twisting tale for Big Finish. Planer takes on writing duties for the latest Big Finish Original, setting out to deliver a new take of a concept a lot of Big Finish listeners are already familiar with…

Jeremiah Bourne in Time

Meet Jeremiah Bourne. He’s your average young adult. Fun but slightly odd family, keen interest in sci-fi and plagued by his mother’s disappearance so many years ago. Also he can time travel. He doesn’t know how or why, but he can. That is, until he finds himself stranded in 1910, frantically looking for a way home. Though he finds help from eccentric but kind-hearted individuals, he is also hunted by the less salubrious of the time. Bourne soon discovers something sinister at work and he starts to wonder if he can change the past to stop a monster of the future.

Nigel Planer

It’s clear from the start that not only did Planer put a lot of thought and care into this work, he has been looking for the ideal medium for it. Not only is the plot engaging and very imaginative, it offers a healthy mix of full cast roles mingled with narration wherever it’s needed. Under the impeccable direction of Barnaby Edwards, Planer’s tale hits everything it needs to in the right place to deliver something fresh to the genre of time travel stories.

Sebastian Armesto

Alongside the superb script, the acting talent present here is second to none, with a good mix of fresh and familiar voices. Alongside Broadchurch’s Sebastian Armesto as the titular Jeremiah Bourne, giving a brilliantly grounded performance, there’s Planer himself, Tim McInnerny, Celia Imre, Tim Bentinck, Annette Badland, Christopher Ryan and many more stars filling out this stellar cast. They’re all challenged to give an incredible wide range of performances, from the comical to the chilling and the cheerful. This does wonders to set up Bourne’s world as unpredictable and chaotic, which complements the tone perfectly.

Sound and Score

For music and sound design, Daniel Burnett and Steve Foxon take on the latter with an array of foley to further cement our ears into the setting. This not only distinguishes it aurally from Doctor Who but it makes the new method of traversing time a wonder to listen to. As for music, Jamie Robertson takes the lead and gives a similar wide range of scores and motifs, each fitting their scene and time. Plus, he gives us not one, but two epic theme tunes for the series, each tied to the two time periods present in the story.

Big Finish Originals

From the announcement of the Originals range back in January and the critical lauding that its debut release ‘ATA Girl‘ received, Big Finish is carefully carving new niches for itself. With so much of Big Finish’s output centred around Doctor Who, this could so easily have fallen right into the company’s comfort zone. But the entire team has gone out of their way to make this release a new, unique and exciting listen for everyone. With the script setting up for further adventures and a proper mystery for Jeremiah, we can only hope that a second series is underway very soon!

‘Jeremiah Bourne in Time’ is available to buy now from the Big Finish website.


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