The first Saturday in May was once again an opportunity for fans to pick up Comic Books for FREE. Amongst the myriad of titles was a special Doctor Who edition from Titan Comics. Free Comic Book Day 2018 proved to be momentous with Titan Comics debuts for not one but TWO incarnations of the Doctor.

There are three short asides, that tease the adventures still to come in 2018. Of course, they are beautifully put together to the typically high standard associated with Titan Comics. This free special will hopefully encourage new readers to check out this great comics range.


Artist and dreamer Gabby Gonzalez has long travelled with the Tenth Doctor, but her latest adventure may be her last – unless the Doctor can break every law of time!

Whilst I am not a regular reader of the Tenth Doctor range I am aware of Gabby Gonzalez. This short piece sees Gabby reflecting on her time with The Doctor. Accompanying some great imagery, Sutekh caught my eye, for instance, is some lovely text. Even those unaware of Gabby would have to agree that she’s a very likeable character. But with a surprise appearance, these few pages set up her continuing adventures in 2018.


The Seventh Doctor and Ace test their mettle against a planetary invasion! Leads into the new Seventh Doctor series, “Operation Volcano,” launching in June!

Free Comic Book Day 2018 – Seventh Doctor and Ace (c) Titan Comics

Now, this was the section I was looking forward to most. Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor and Sophie Aldred’s character Ace make their debut in Titan Comics. This is a lovely teaser for the forthcoming series which I am also hugely looking forward to. The scale and detailed alien creatures are simply something that was outside of the budget that the McCoy era could’ve enjoyed on television. Comics have been the ideal medium for the Seventh Doctor for a long time. Titan Comics are ably following in the footsteps of the Seventh Doctor comic strips seen in Doctor Who Magazine with ‘Operation Volcano’ quickly becoming an eagerly anticipated release.

Free Comic Book Day 2018 – Seventh Doctor panel (c) Titan Comics

This colourful prologue for the forthcoming main event captures the characters brilliantly. Something as simple as McCoy’s stance is spot on. Another standout feature was the use of the TARDIS interior designed by Mike Tucker. Notable for the freestanding console connected to the ceiling, the design was only seen onscreen for some segments recorded with Sylvester McCoy broadcast as a part of a Doctor Who night. This was achieved using a model and green screen. Now Titan have put the Seventh Doctor and Ace inside this console room. It gives a glimpse of what could’ve been seen had Season 27 happened. This inclusion also highlights the attention to detail that Titan pay. As an exercise in building excitement for the Seventh Doctor comics series; mission accomplished.


The Eleventh Doctor follows his Time Lord tastebuds into an all-night diner, for madcap meals and unorthodox diplomacy!

Another short aside comes from the Eleventh Doctor. This is a peculiar tale. As we’ve seen on television, Matt Smith’s incarnation does like his food. His search for food takes him to a diner. It’s impossible to have a scene of this nature and not think of the Cantina scene from Star Wars. The diplomatic incident is a little odd but works enough. It would work better in a bar than a diner but that wouldn’t be appropriate for The Doctor. Otherwise, this tale is amusing and harmless.


Free Comic Book Day 2018 – The Thirteenth Doctor (c) Titan Comics

In a single page, Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor makes her Titan Comics debut. There is a beautiful simplicity to revealing The Doctor emerging from the TARDIS. This final frame has clearly been given plenty of attention by the talented artists at Titan. It clearly shows as Jodie’s delightful smile is captured perfectly. It’s a simple image but is vibrant and points to an exciting new era.

The Thirteenth Doctor series. Coming soon to Titan Comics…


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