Adam Hargreaves‘ popular Doctor Who/Mr Men crossover series returns with a fantastic new instalment for a new Doctor in Dr Thirteenth!

Author and illustrator Adam Hargreaves (son of the late Roger Hargreaves, the creator of Mr Men) first teamed up with BBC Worldwide and Puffin Books back in late 2016 to bring together the worlds of Mr Men and Doctor Who. Since then, Hargreaves has given every Doctor (excluding John Hurt’s War Doctor) the Mr Men treatment, with brilliant success. He’s somehow managed to capture the likeness and personality of each Doctor. Dr Twelfth (pictured below) is one of my personal favourites!

Doctor Who/Mr. Men (c) Puffin Books
Doctor Who/Mr. Men (c) Puffin Books

From Dr Twelfth to Dr Thirteenth!

Following on from the success of these previous instalments, Adam Hargreaves has now brought the latest incarnation of the Doctor into the Mr Men universe. Dr Thirteenth sees Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor reimagined in the trademark Hargreaves style as oval-shaped and yellow, complete with blonde hair, earring, striped socks and boots. Of all the original Mr Men characters, Dr Thirteenth most closely resembles Little Miss Sunshine, which feels very fitting considering her generally bright and sunny disposition! The book also introduces us to Yaz, Graham, and Ryan’s Mr Men counterparts, which are just as sweet and instantly recognisable.

Dr Thirteenth by Adam Hargreaves - Graham and Ryan
Dr Thirteenth by Adam Hargreaves – Graham and Ryan
Dr Thirteenth by Adam Hargreaves - Yaz
Dr Thirteenth by Adam Hargreaves – Yaz

An Explosive Birthday Surprise!

This latest Doctor Who/Mr Men book follows the Thirteenth Doctor, Graham, and Ryan as they try to put together a fun birthday surprise for Yaz. The Doctor travels across time and space in search of some candles, some balloons, and a cake. All this makes for a rather explosive surprise!

Dr Thirteenth sits very comfortably alongside each of the previous Doctor Who/Mr Men books. It combines familiar elements of the television series (such as some Sontarans, and Graham affectionately referring to her as ‘Doc’) with the whimsical wit of the original Mr Men stories. As this story was written before the Thirteenth Doctor’s first series hit our screens, it sadly isn’t able to make reference to this Doctor’s adventures in the same way as the previous Doctor Who/Mr Men books have. Nevertheless, I’d love to see Hargreaves‘ take on some of the characters and creatures the Thirteenth Doctor has encountered so far – perhaps a Mr Men T’zim Sha or a Mr Men Pting?

Dr Thirteenth (along with the previous twelve instalments) is perfect for all ages, whether you’re an older fan looking for a bit of childhood nostalgia, or if you’re after a Christmas present for the younger Doctor Who fans in your life.

Dr Thirteenth by Adam Hargreaves is available to purchase now, both online and in all good bookshops.

Doctor Who: The 13 Doctors Collection box-set (which collects all thirteen Doctor Who/Mr Men books) is due to be released on 7th March 2019, and is available for pre-order.



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