Volume 2 of the Time Trials features Bill’s first comic adventure; The Wolves of Winter. Inside we’re treated to a romp of a story at a space supermarket where Bill makes a friend she wasn’t expecting…

Twelfth Doctor – Time Trials Vol.2: The Wolves of Winter – Page 3 Preview

Bill and the Doctor land in a Viking camp but there isn’t time to get all jolly. As the snow begins to melt, the Doctor and Bill encounter an old enemy from Mars and an even older adversary who is not so easily recognised. In a one-shot adventure at a space supermarket, The Doctor, Bill and Nardole venture off to restock on tea and other goodies but are distracted by a little girl who has lost her way.

Writer Richard Dinnick brings funny and scary moments to “The Wolves of Winter.” He captures the Twelfth Doctor’s witty and sardonic voice perfectly, juxtaposing between suspense and comedy. Bill’s voice is distinctive, illuminating her personality with the same energy and attitude we saw in Series 10. This carries over into the one-shot with Nardole as his loving and funny personality flows through the page. We also see Bill’s vulnerability when she tries to help the little girl.

Twelfth Doctor – Time Trials Vol.2: The Wolves of Winter – Cover

There is minor character development in the story. The Doctor and Bill’s friendship remains relatively the same. However we get to see the best of their relationship. They are at a place where they are comfortable and happy being in each other’s company. It would have been great to learn more about the Vikings as individuals but the historical significance of their presence is enough to warrant their inclusion to the conflict between the Doctor and his enemies. Artists Brian Williamson, Pasquale Qualano, Marcelo Salaza and Edu Menna do a splendid job of crafting a richly colourful world that realises the spookiness of caves with dark browns and grey hues. The brightly coloured supermarket in the one-shot also contrasts with the gloomy atmosphere of the Viking adventure.

Overall, this volume is an entertaining and suspenseful romp. A cool historical setting with menacing old enemies and a supermarket visit that provides light humour and fun character moments. 8/10


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