Doctor Who: The Annihilators. Cover by Sean Longmore (c) Big Finish Productions Third Doctor Adventures Second Doctor Jamie Brigadier Liz Frazer Hines

Doctor Who: The Annihilators. Cover by Sean Longmore. Digital art with almost chalk drawing sense of colour. The Third Doctor (torso up) is central, in black velvet suit, holding his sonic screwdriver and looking slightly confused. To the left the Second Doctor looks lost in thought, holding his own sonic screwdriver. Smaller images from the knee up show the Brigadier, gun drawn, and Liz, to the Third Doctor’s side, and Jamie and the TARDIS to the Second Doctor’s. Even smaller ahead of them all is an old fashioned 1970s British police car and in the background the cranes and warehouses of the London docklands (c) Big Finish Productions

Jon Culshaw, Daisy Ashford, Tim Treloar (Tony Whitmore)