Several times a week, I find myself chatting away on Skype with my partner in crime, Diane Malkin, about our sites. What do we need to do? What’s been missed?  What can we change? What do we need to improve?  Invariably one or both of us calls for a break during the chat with the words, “Do you want a cuppa?”  The cuppa is, of course, a cup of tea, and while it is a virtual cup, it is still a time for a break and a cup of hot liquid.

This past month the tradition has been upscaled by Adagio Teas, the artisan loose tea maker.  Adagio supplied us with a supply of their Doctor Who Signature Blends of Teas designed by Cara McGee.  And we have most definitely been spoiled.  Rather than our usual tea bag dumped in the mug with boiling water, we have had the most delectable hot brew.  We have been suitable spoiled.

Doctor Who - Adagio Tea - Sampler Tins BoxDoctor Who - Adagio Tea - Sampler Tins Box
Doctor Who – Adagio Tea – Sampler Tins Box

Doctor Who Sampler Tea by Cara McGee

McGee has designed ten individual blends for the Doctors of NuWho (9th, 10th and 11th)  along with their companions (Rose Tyler, Captain Jack, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Rory Williams, Amy Pond and River Song).  The teas are a delightful blend of black tea, orange pekoe, Assam, Ceylon and many, many more teas and ingredients.  The results is a unique, tasteful cuppa for all tastes.  With so many bespoke flavours you will be sure to find your favourite.

But that is not all; the teas are also beautifully packaged in individual collector tins inside their identifiable box.  The packaging alone is certainly worth keeping.  Drawn on the tins are cartoon renders of each of the Doctor Who characters.   We will be keeping our tin boxes well after the tea has been consumed.  We do have one small question. How did the Tenth Doctor end up as a blonde?

These are all gourmet teas that need to be appropriately steeped at the correct temperature for the correct time to release the full flavour.  So you do need time to both make and drink these blends to determine your favourite.  So which is mine?  Those that know me, know I always fall for caramel so the Martha Jones blend has to be top choice — although it is closely followed by the Rory Williams and the Ninth Doctor blends.

Doctor Who - Adagio Tea - Back of the Sampler Tin
Doctor Who – Adagio Tea – Back of the Sampler Tin

Where to Buy

The sampler tins can be ordered online for £28 (UK Site)  or for $24 (US Site).  Alternatively, you can visit their store on Regent Street, London.  There are a few more choices on the US website.

If you do end up buying the Doctor Who Signature Blends, do let us know which is your favourite. We’d love to hear.


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