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REVIEW – “Doctor Who & The Ice Warriors” audio CD

BBC Audio out now
Available on 4xCD [RRP £12.99]

Hot on the heels of their fan~ear tweaking mention in The Waters Of Mars, the Ice Warriors get the novelisation of their debut story released on a mammoth four CD collection. Not only that, it’s read by Frazer Hines!

It’s busy old time for the Martians as they pop up on the Peladon Tales DVD box set (review coming up this week) though the gregarious green giants don’t pop up for a good hour or so. Perhaps, because of this, the first disc does rather drag but their impressive entrance is worth the wait.

The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria also take their time in turning up and you’ll be wondering why it says Doctor Who on the cover as we get treated to the on~goings of a base in the middle of nowhere. (Is there any other kind?)

Frazer’s style is warm and engaging, if slightly inconsistent (and his ‘computer’ voice does sound rather like a Dalek). At times his delivery is a tad stilted and clipped whereas at other times he’s in full flow with a cracking impression of Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor. (His Jamie ain’t too shabby either!)

Doctor Who & The Ice Warriors is value packed release with four hours of Ice Warriors goodness (well, not quite) with some terrific production values – the sound FX, as always with BBC Audio, are top notch. It also serves as stout reference material as the original televised tale is missing in parts with the only downside the aforementioned lapses in consistency from Frazer.
Blogtor Rating 7/10

Thanks to BBC Audio



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