Doctor Who’s annual Free Comic Book Day issue paves the way for the start of the new series with a taste of the darkness to come

This month brings the beginning of Titan Comics’ newest regeneration of their Doctor Who comic. Doctor Who: The Fifteenth Doctor #1 will be on shelves just after the series concludes on television. But before that comes a special issue to launch the action as part of the annual Free Comic Book Day initiative.

This Free Comic Book Day book acts as a starter dish before the main course. It’s brief, at 12 pages, but provides a tantalising taste of what’s to come. The Doctor detects an oddity in the time vortex. An unprecedented, potentially dangerous anomaly. Naturally, he’s thrilled and soon excitedly on its trail. Meanwhile, the legend of highwayman Dick Turpin takes a dark twist as someone arms him with a weapon more powerful than a flintlock.

It’s not long before the two cross paths, with the Doctor trying to get the 18th century chaos under control. But the real mystery is the identity of the one who’s been giving Turpin a helping hand. We get the merest glimpse of him and the nature of his scheme but it’s terrifying enough to compel you to know more. There’s one particularly fascinating question left dangling. How do the Cybermen, who are all over the covers of #1, feature in those plans?

The art by new series regular Kelsey Ramsay has a scratchy energy to it. The Doctor appears to have six arms at one point as his hands dance across the console, while gunshots catapult people across the page like rag-dolls. Blogtor would have to question how much Ramsay had in terms of reference material though. She doesn’t seem entirely sure how big the TARDIS console should be relative to its pilot, for instance. The console room itself, too, probably more closely resembles the 2005 set, in terms of scale, rather than the vast space we’re now getting used to.

Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day 2024 - featuring the Fifteenth Doctor! Art by Kelsey Ramsay (c) Titan Comics
Doctor Who: Free Comic Book Day 2024 – featuring the Fifteenth Doctor! Art by Kelsey Ramsay (c) Titan Comics

This story was originally available free to people calling in to physical stores on Free Comic Book Day. Fortunately for those who missed it, the issue is now a free download. Click here for all the details.




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