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REVIEW: Doctor Who: Echoes

Doctor Who: Echoes (c) Sean Longmore

Out now, Echoes reunites the Eighth Doctor, Liv and Helen for the first time since 2022’s Connections

Birdsong by Tim Foley

Opening the set, Birdsong is a much more low-key entry into the Eighth Doctor range. Set on an empty world where two scouts await the rest of their colony, The Doctor, Liv and Helen find themselves embroiled in a mystery. The supporting cast of Jane Asher as Myra, and Fiona Button as Bex, make for a phenomenal ensemble cast when pitted alongside our regulars. Whilst the story itself is simplistic, and with a minimal cast, don’t let this fool you. This story packs a great deal of punch and poignancy. as well as some rather creepy scenes! Tim Foley manages to subvert expectations, and keep you hooked in this engaging story.


(L-R) Hattie Morahan, Paul McGann, Nicola Walker (c) Big Finish
(L-R) Hattie Morahan, Paul McGann, Nicola Walker (c) Big Finish

Lost Hearts by Lauren Mooney and Stewart Pringle

Regular writers for the Doctor Who and Torchwood ranges, Lauren Mooney and Stewart Pringle have made quite a name for themselves in the Whoniverse. Lost Hearts is yet another example of why they are regarded so highly for their writing talents. The story has everything going for it. The Doctor, Liv and Helen arrive in 1903 in one of England’s ancient universities, and things are very wrong. Attempting to uncover the truth behind strange apparitions, and cloister bells that shouldn’t be ringing, The Doctor, Liv and Helen find themselves in an extraordinary place. There are an abundance of twists and turns throughout, some of which will leave you with an “Aha!” moment.

Eagle-eyed listeners may have spotted a very similar surname in the cast list, which leaves for some very interesting conversations to put it mildly! This story puts fan-favourite Liv into quite the predicament, and it makes for an excellent listen.


(L-R) Holly Jackson-Walters, Dan Starkey, Derek Griffiths, Maya Saroya (c) Big Finish

Slow Beasts by Dan Rebellato

Newcomer to the Whoniverse, Dan Rebellato, certainly knows how to keep listeners engaged. In Slow Beasts, the Doctor takes Liv and Helen to see one of the Wonders of the Outer Galaxy. But in typical fashion, he soon unearths a dark secret. This story stars Derek Griffiths, who listeners may remember from classic children’s television series including Playschool. Slow Beasts acts as an allegory for humanity, highlighting how far we have come but also how much further we are yet to go. Ending the set is no easy feat, and Rebellato does it with ease. Whilst it may not be an explosive ending, it does serve as a great conclusion.

Whilst this set is very consistent, and of a high quality, it must be said that the ongoing arc’s which the Eighth Doctor range is known for, are sorely missed. Hopefully we will see a return to this in either October’s Time War: Uncharted 1, or December’s Deadly Strangers.

Doctor Who: Echoes (c) Sean Longmore

Doctor Who: Echoes

As the Doctor, Liv and Helen explore the universe, they come across lost souls, troubled minds and long-kept secrets. From a lonely world with birdsong but no birds, to an English university whose undergraduates tell ghostly tales, and a distant galaxy where a utopian society lives in the shadow of enormous creatures, the TARDIS crew are haunted by echoes of past, present and future…

Doctor Who: Echoes is now available to own as a collector’s edition single-disc CD (+ download for just £22.99) or as a digital download only (for just £18.99), exclusively here. Big Finish listeners can save money long-term by ordering Echoes as part of a bundle, here.



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