Available now is this fantastic “part work” series that every Doctor Who fan will want to get their hands on. The Complete History is just that, a series of beautifully printed hardback books looking at every Doctor Who story EVER!
Every fortnight fans can enjoy a detailed and comprehensive guide to Doctor Who that spans from the William Hartnell era right up to the Peter Capaldi era, taking an in-depth look at how each televised story was made, its reception, broadcast details, casting and much, much more.

Artwork from Doctor Who – The Complete History

In true Who fashion, however, these won’t be released in chronological order (though the books themselves are). Yup, this will be a timey-wimey series and the first three releases look at stories from David Tennant (looking at Gridlock through to 42), Jon Pertwee (Colony in Space through to Day of the Daleks) and Peter Capaldi (Deep Breath and Into the Dalek).
Doctor Who: The Complete History comes from the makers of Doctor Who Magazine, so you know it will be of high quality with a great attention to detail, and includes many never-before-seen photos and exclusive artwork in every book (see above for two beautiful examples).
This is an unmissable collection – perfect for anyone interested in the history of the world’s greatest television show!


  1. I would love to get this…except it's not been made available outside the UK 🙁 Hopefully it will be soon, as I'd prefer to buy issues separately then buy a bunch of them at one for a ton more money at a time.


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