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Countering the soon~to~be over~excitement that will be the next couple of months in the world of Who is this rather monotone and grey story, The Day of the Troll. Narrated by David Tennant himself, this tale is set in Earth’s future where ecological issues have become the issue of the day, but is all at the hand of man?

We quickly learn that multinational companies and businessmen have played their part in the Earth’s downfall and one does begin to wonder why The Doctor hangs around for so long. Simon Messingham, the author of this audio exclusive, ventures to tell is why: ‘cos he wants to know, he has to. And that’s very Doctor~ish, regardless of how small~scale something may be, if something’s wrong he’s in there like the proverbial dog eating beetroot.

But it still doesn’t feel like an adventure he would have, there’s nothing essential about the dilemma faced by the characters. I guess I’m just used to the drama of every day New Who where every moment could be his (or someone else’s) last. There’s a couple of gripping moments, namely the ‘scary’ start with appropriate sound effects and the excellent cliff~hanger featuring a superb reveal of the ‘monster’ but other than that, it’s small beans.

Tennant is a joy, as always, to listen to though his own accent does creep into that of The Doctor’s on a number of occasions – the director really should have picked up on that. But it’s not enough to lift Day of the Troll off the page and despite mentions of Rose and the Krynoids (good name for a band there), the interest~o~meter rarely goes above “interested”.


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  1. Well, still and all, it would be impossible for The Doctor to do all the travelling he does and never have the odd "off adventure," right? Good review – I always like to read what you have to say.


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