BlogtorWho listens to the second episode of David Tennant’s new podcast series, David Tennant does a podcast with…Whoopi Goldberg

Firstly, dear reader, for the more delicate among you, we must warn again that this week’s episode of David Tennant does a podcast with… has some sweary stuff from the very start and a number of fart references. But again, it’s completely worth spending time with Tennant and his latest guest, the legendary Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg is a fascinating interviewee and Tennant does a very nice job of gently prompting her and then sitting back with the rest of us to enjoy the tales she unravels.

What is great about Goldberg here is how wonderfully unpretentious she is. “I’m a fart in a dust storm,” she tells Tennant when he asks her to describe herself. She’s also very conscious of who she is when she’s out among people. Recalling an encounter with James Earl Jones when she was a child, Goldberg acknowledges the responsibility of being a person who causes other people to be excited.

Goldberg talks engagingly about the Broadway play that led to her being cast by Stephen Spielberg as Celie in The Colour Purple. Goldberg gives the impression of having a great time with every job she’s done, whether it’s a Broadway show, an Oscar-nominated film or her latest work, in which she’s happily ditched politics and discusses instead the things about getting older that no-one tells you about.


Over and above all this, the best thing about David Tennant does a podcast with…Whoopi Goldberg is Goldberg’s straight up love of Sci-Fi. This is a real fan girl and I love her for it.  She recalls seeing Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek and wanting to be part of it. “Before Uhura,” she says, “there were no black people in the future.” Goldberg was so keen to be involved that she asked LeVar Burton (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation) to ask Star Trek creator Gene Rodenberry for a part for her. Rodenberry initially didn’t believe that Goldberg was serious.

And that leads us to the most talked about part of David Tennant does a podcast with…Whoopi Goldbergthat revelation that Goldberg wanted to play the first female Doctor Who. Much has been made of this in the Twitterverse, however the story as Goldberg tells it here is maddeningly lacking in details or specifics. “The American version of Doctor Who ends up in New York and it’s me…” she says. No detail of when this happened, who the conversation was with, or any other such detail.  But it’s entirely satisfying to know that Goldberg is such a fan of the programme that she could actually be part of Doctor Who if only someone would ask her. Ah, if only…

David Tennant does a podcast with…Whoopi Goldberg is a fascinating conversation and one that could have gone on for much, much longer without once losing the quality of the exchange between Tennant and Goldberg. Another completely enjoyable way to while away an hour.

David Tennant does a podcast with… is created in association with Somethin’ Else and No Mystery Productions. Furture episodes will feature David Tennant in conversation with a list of guest including Jon Hamm, Jodie Whittaker, Krysten Ritter, Michael Sheen, Samantha Bee, Gordon Brown and Ian McKellen.

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