BlogtorWho listens to the fourth episode of David Tennant’s new podcast series, David Tennant does a podcast with…Ian McKellen

Does Sir Ian McKellen think he’s a National Treasure asks our host, David Tennant. If the question needs an answer, then it’s a resounding “Absolutely!” from us.

Firstly, our usual warning for the more delicate readers among us. David Tennant does a podcast with Ian McKellen is a bit sweary and contains one or two rude bits. But please don’t let that put you off.  This one is a belter.

McKellen (or should it be Sir Ian?) is delightfully loquacious and wonderfully enthusiastic about the importance of being ‘out of the closet’ on his life.  He reminisces on life as a gay man when being gay was illegal and how that informed and was informed by his decision to be an actor; acting being a disguise or a mask one wears.

He is genuinely bewildered when reflecting on the fact that he and his best friend at school were both gay, but neither knew about the other.  He talks about coming out later on in life (he was in his late 40s) and what a relief it was that the thing which had been such a secret was now such a positive and how he became a ‘poster boy’ who campaigned for changes in the law.

McKellen genuinely wants other gay people to feel this, too. He still champions equality and has been to Russia and India where gay people are still subject to oppression.  He talks passionately about other types of people – footballers in particular – who feel that they can’t come out. “I wish they would,” he tells DT, “They’d be happier.”

So what about the other thing McKellen is famous for: acting. Sir Ian has some lovely, funny anecdotes about that other Sir…Laurence Olivier, composer and performer Ivor Novello, and Dumbledore himself Michael Gambon, who people regularly confuse McKellen with. Gambon regularly signs McKellen’s autograph when they confuse the two, apparently.

While he is very happy to have a catchphrase – “You shall not pass!” – Sir Ian regrets not having a theme tune, like Morecambe & Wise. Alas, even Gandalf can’t have it all.

The thing that comes across most of all in this lovely podcast is how easy McKellen is in his own skin and how he wishes the same for other people.  This is an absolute delight.

David Tennant does a podcast with… is created in association with Somethin’ Else and No Mystery Productions. Furture episodes will feature David Tennant in conversation with a list of guest including Krysten Ritter, Michael Sheen, Samantha Bee and Gordon Brown.

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