More than just a greatest hits package, David Tennant Does a Podcast with… Everyone is full of previously unheard discussions between the former Doctor Who and an array of stars

In this series finale for David Tennant’s podcast, he sits with his wife (and more importantly in this context, producer) Georgia to discuss some of his favourite previously unheard moments. And so we hear again from fellow Doctor Who stars Jodie Whittaker and Catherine Tate. But also from his Good Omens co-stars Michael Sheen and Jon Hamm, and his old Broadchurch partner Olivia Colman. While, from wider afield we also hear from Gordon Brown, Whoopi Goldberg, James Corden and Samantha Bee.

The most interesting portion to Doctor Who fans may well be Jodie Whittaker’s. In it she recounts a long train journey with Chris Chibnall to Harrogate to promote Broadchurch. The future Doctor had the future showrunner watch her short film Emotional Fusebox (in which Whittaker plays a thirty year old woman living in her mother’s shed making her own finger puppet videos). A journey, Chibnall later revealed to her, first set his mind down a certain path when casting his Doctor. You can almost hear the scrabble of fans to check out Emotional Fusebox as soon as the podcast ends.

Elsewhere, the podcast contains thoughts on the nature of celebrity, both comic and serious. Catherine Tate reveals just how proud her mother is of her daughter’s fame. So proud that she’ll regularly phone up Catherine to introduce some random person she’s just met. Or move to another aisle in Waitrose just to call out “Oh, Catherine!” loudly, just in the hopes someone will turn and recognize the younger Tate. By contrast, Jon Hamm, regards the state of modern celebrity solemnly – in particular the world of famous-for-being-famous Instagram influencers. Although James Corden’s take does raise an eyebrow. Money and fame are very unimportant he’s realized, like many famous multi-millionaires before him.

As a series finale, Everyone successfully captures the insight and humour that make this podcast so special

The theme of modern communication and messaging recurs in other ways as well. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown reiterates his conviction that his response to the world economy’s near collapse was the right one, but expresses his regret and frustration of not being able to convince the public of that. And Whoopi Goldberg has her frustrations about misrepresentation and misunderstandings too. She points out that her television show The View gets criticized for the passion of the women of the panel. Yet, Goldberg argues, their male equivalents don’t get labelled ‘hysterical’ in the same way.

As in many episodes in this series, though, some of the most compelling segments are where creative people discuss their craft. Michael Sheen expands further on his belief that it’s only when he feels stage fright edging into his mind that he does his best work – comfort being the enemy of quality for him. Olivia Colman discusses the importance of admitting you do have ambition and to stop being apologetic for your own career. And political satirist Samantha Bee finds the concept of backing down in an interview so alien that Tennant’s question momentarily befuddles her.

As a victory lap, David Tennant Does a Podcast with… Everyone succeeds in reminding listeners what a great listen this series has been. It certainly leaves Blogtor Who hoping it’s not too long before we get a second series.

David Tennant Does a Podcast with… is a Somethin’ Else and No Mystery production. Good Omens will be available on Amazon Video on May 31st. Doctor Who returns in early 2020.


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